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RACES Reference Library

This page lists documents and links to other web sites with information about RACES communications. 

For more information about emergency communications in general, see the MCARV Library. It contains many useful links relating to operating techniques, radio skills, equipment, and other emergency communications resources.  

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FCC Rules
Government Guidelines
Links to Web Sites of Other NJ RACES Units
Links to Web Sites with RACES Information
Operating Suggestions

Operations Suggestions

bulletSimplex Net Operation Procedures

Government Guidelines

bulletMorris County E.O.P. Communication Annex (not available online)
bulletNJ State E.O.P. Communication Annex (not available on line)

FCC Rules

bulletF.C.C. Complete Rules for Amateur Radio Service - Part 97  (ARRL site)
bullet FCC Rule 97.407 which deals specifically with RACES

New Jersey RACES Sites

bullet Somerset County RACES
bullet Sussex County Amateur Radio Club

Some NJ Municipal Sites

bulletVernon Township RACES

RACES Reference Sites

The World Wide Web is filled with web sites dealing with emergency communication, some specifically with RACES. Many sites have "links" pages which list other emergency communication sites. Here's a short list of some better pages for "links". See also the MCARV Library for other RACES/ARES links.

bulletN3XGR'S ARES-RACES Index Page


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