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2019 Training Classes
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Milpitas ARES®/RACES

Ham Radio is a Hobby...
Emergency Communications is a Commitment

Forms & Documents

Blank ICS Forms You Should Have in Your GO-KIT

ICS 205 SCCo RACES Communications Plan (min. qty. 5)
ICS 211 SCCo RACES Check-In List (min. qty. 5)
ICS 213 SCCo ARES RACES Message Form (min. qty. 10)
ICS 214 SCCo ARES/RACES Unit Activity Log (min. qty. 5)
ICS 309 SCCo ARES/RACES Communications Log (min. qty. 5)
ICS 314 SCCo Windshield Assessment Survey (min. qty. 5)
Milpitas SAFE Damage Assessment Form (min. qty. 5)
Milpitas SAFE DA Form Sending Instructions (min. qty. 1)
Milpitas RACES Incident Report Form (min. qty. 10)

Other Forms

Milpitas RACES ID Badge/Qualification Record
MAC Candidate Record


City of Milpitas SOP 4.6  (11/2002)
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) Activation
City of Milpitas SOP 4-32  (04/2015)
Office of Emergency Services (OES) Communications Van
City of Milpitas SOP 4-33  (12/2002)
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) Equipment
Milpitas ARES/RACES SOP  (01/2016)
Standard Operating Procedures


SAFE Team Map  (08/2018)

Last Updated:  August 18, 2018