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ROCA Radio Orienteering in a Compact Area, ARDF Foxhunting. T-Hunting. The New Walking Foxhunt "ROCA". Rules and Event Organizational Information. Experimental and Competition Events. Equipment. Links. RDF Radio Direction Finding Systems. Mobile Transmitter Hunting. 
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ROCA The New Walking Foxhunt
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Making Mini-Voice Transmitters for Radio Orienteering
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The New Walking Foxhunt
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Who are the Radio Orienteers
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>The New Walking Foxhunt
ROCA Rules and Information
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>Photos of ROCA Events in the Bay Area
>Making Mini-Voice Transmitters for Radio Orienteering
robot toy with voice module for transmitterminiature low power 2meter transmitter with voice module
What Is Radio Orienteering
What is Radio-Orienteering?
Radio-Orienteering (R-O) is the activity of finding your way in an unfamiliar area by taking directional bearings on beacon transmitters, and using those bearings to find routes through the terrain to specific locations.Organized competitive Radio-Orienteering is also known as ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding) and Foxhunting (On-Foot). It is a fast-growing internationally popularized sport that combines hidden radio transmitter hunting and conventional orienteering. At organized meets or "hunts", R-O enthusiasts gather to seek out the special battery-operated transmitters hidden within a certain boundary area. They use lightweight miniature radio receivers and hand held directional antennas with map and compass. Many kinds of R-O situations, games, and events are possible. ROG is experimenting with new and interesting methods. Back to site index
Radio Orienteering EquipmentRadio-Orienteers are fond of using their own custom equipment, and many of them develop unique systems. This includes a radio receiver and direction-finding antenna. Using this equipment, the R-Oer can zero-in on beacon transmitters. A license is not needed for R-O equipment.
Flexible Antenna and Variable Attenuator for 2 Meter Radio Orienteering
image by Jim KD6DX
The Perfect Radio-Orienteering Antenna /Attenuator Combo.
A flexible 3-element home made yagi beam antenna and 4MHz offset attenuator.
This is the winning system used by Bonnie KQ6XA for 2meter R-O.
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 Who Are the Radio-Orienteers?
Most R-Oers are in it for the fun, enjoyment, and challenge. Radio-Orienteering attracts people from both orienteering and ham radio backgrounds. A ham license is not needed to participate in R-O, but many R-Orienteers are also licensed hams. It is easy to get a ham license, in part due to recent changes in licensing that eliminate the Morse Code test for the basic ham license. Back to site index
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