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USA Radio Orienteering Group

R-O and ARDF Links
ARDF in Germany (ARDF-DL) Region 1

ARDF in USA (FARS) 1999 Championship FRG99 Region 2

Radio Orienteering Sweden LogoRadio Orienteering Sweden (Hans SM5SVM)
International Links and Event Information With Animations and Audio

Kevin N6QAB's Radio Direction Finding SiteImages From The ARDF Championship Region 3 (Kevin N6QAB)

ARDF in Australia (Ron Graham) Region 3

International Championship News from Joe MoellInternational ARDF Championship News (Joe K0OV)

ARDF NederlandARDF Nederland (Peter PE1MXV)

Technical Class ARDF Links

ROCA Rules and Information (a Technical Class ARDF event, USA)
Proposed Rules Draft for New Technical Class ARDF (originator: China)

Equipment for Radio Orienteering
Joe WB2HOL's flexbeamantenna image by Joe WB2HOL
Plans for Radio Direction Finding Antenna (Joe WB2HOL)
Plans for Variable Offset Attenuator (Joe WB2HOL)
Radio and Antenna Kits (Ron Graham)

Mobile Transmitter Hunts (T-Hunts)
T-Hunts in the San Francisco Bay Area (Jim KD6DX)

Mobile RDF Equipment
The Best Mobile Doppler RDF: "AHHA! Microfinder"
a continuous visual readout and digital processing/averaging system (kit)

Radio Direction Finding
Homing In logo"Homing In" Joe Moell's 73 Magazine Column and Web Site about Foxhunting, T-Hunting, RDF, and ARDF in USA (Joe K0OV)

Orienteering (O')
Orienteering in the San Francisco Bay Area (BAOC)
List of Orienteering Links
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