Amateur Radio Direction Finding Webring

The Amateur Radio Direction Finding Webring is a means of tracking down ARDF and Fox Hunting sites on the web.

To be included in the ARDF Webring you must submit the information on the form below.

Your site must contain information about Amateur Radio Direction Finding or Fox Hunting. This may include RDF equipment and projects, stories and pictures of fox hunts, details of your club's next hunt, or how you plan to win the next hunt.

Web sites which contain ONLY links to other web sites are not considered suitable.
a John Kolm (VK3YJK) original
A John Kolm original cartoon

Web sites having adult content OR having links to such sites (including banner exchanges) will not be added to the ring.

After completing the form below you will be emailed a HTML fragment to include in your page.
This HTML fragment should added to your page within 7 days.
You MUST have the HTML fragment on your page before you will be inserted into the ring.
It must be easy to find so we don't have to search for it.
It does not have to be on the front page, but the URL you submit must be on the page it is linked to or the ring won't work.
After you have the code up, e-mail the Ringmaster of ARDF Webring and ask him to add you to the ring.
Be sure to include your Site ID Number in the e-mail message.
The ringmaster will look at your page and make sure the HTML fragment on your page is OK.
After checking out your page, the Ringmaster will add you to the ARDF Webring.
You should then receive an e-mail confirming you have been added.

The ARDF Webring is maintained by Peter VK3ZPF.

Submit site to Amateur Radio Direction Finding Web Ring
Site Title:
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Enter name then callsign eg: Peter VK3ZPF

Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
Description: Enter a short description of your site.

Amateur Radio Direction Finding Web Ring
This site is owned by  Peter VK3ZPF.
A great way to track down ARDF and Fox Hunting sites.
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