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Highly competitive Radio Orienteering championships! The internationally recognized R-O competition is called Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF). The objective is to locate and zero-in on 5 transmitters as quickly as possible in a forested area. ARDF competition events are actually very similar to standard Scored Orienteering (Score-O), but with hidden transmitters at the controls. The course must be completed within about 2 hours. Competitors select the best route to the transmitters based upon their own best judgement. A map of the area is provided but only the finish line transmitter and start point is marked.
Each of the control transmitters transmits long and short beeps in slow Morse code, the letters MO, MOE, MOI, MOS, MOH, or MO5. Each transmitter is on for 1 minute and off for 4 minutes. The transmitters are synchronized precisely so that when the first one stops, the second one starts, and so on. It is not necessary to learn Morse code, to tell them apart---just count the short beeps.

Typical ARDF Competition Meet With Hidden Transmitters

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