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Last updated: Friday, April 16, 2004


Transmitter Hunting Equipment

bulletAHHA (purchase a Doppler)
bulletARROW (purchase Direction Finding Antennas)
bulletARROW (purchase Direction Finding Attenuators)
bulletOPTOELECTRONICS frequency counter
bulletPicCon Radio Transmitter Fox Controller
bulletRACON 6805 foxbox kit
bulletDOPPLER'S by Greany
bulletBMG Engineering (Equipment & Instructions)

Other T-Hunting Sites

bulletTransmitter hunting in the San Francisco Bay Area by Jim Sakane KD6DX
bulletHoming-In (Radio Direction Finding) by Joe Moell
bulletRadio Orienteering Group by Bonnie KQ6A
bulletMelbourne foxhunt group VK3ZPF
bulletHidden Transmitter Hunting by RACON and PicCon
bulletFox Hunting KC8FQY
bulletT-Hunting, Southern California Style
bulletHudson Valley DF Association
bulletCentral Valley (California) Transmitter Hunting
bullet2001 USA ARDF Championship Registration


bulletSBARA (South Bay Amateur Radio Association)QRZ 
bullet Callsign Database
bulletSHARKK repeater frequency Database
bulletK6DF, Dennis Franklin (Navy & Submarine stuff)
bulletW6IQ, Don Teixeira (Music) and the (FARTS club)
bulletN1DDK, James (Home Page)
bulletAPRS for Windows
bulletFriendship Amateur Radio Society
bulletKC6ETE (Ham Radio Stuff)\
bulletMagnetic Declination FAQ
bullet Ham Radio Equip. (Lowest Prices Database)
bullet WA8PHD - Lou Albert
bullet Ham Radio Community Chapter KD4SAI


bullet Thumbs Plus 4.0 (JPEG viewing & cataloging)

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