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Schedule of Transmitter Hunts

Last update on: Sunday, June 16, 2002

Transmitter Hunts sponsored by:
LARK (Livermore Amateur Radio Klub)

SBARA (South Bay Amateur Radio Association).

FIRST (1st) Saturday of every month is the Fremont beginners hunt.
1) Two transmitters will be hidden. EASY beginners and a HARD advanced transmitter.
2) Beginners will only hunt the EASY transmitter and stay with the fox; help is available.
3) Advanced hunters will hunt the HARD transmitter first, where mileage is taken and then the EASY fox.
4) Mileage to the HARD fox is only valid, if both transmitters are found.
5) Beginners may hunt the HARD fox, time permitting.

THIRD (3rd) Saturday of every month is the Fox's choice Hunt.
The Fox can hide within any listed start point boundaries.
1) Fremont Hunt.
2) Pleasanton Hunt.
3) Redwood City Hunt.
4) Santa Clara Hunt.
5) Bay Hunt.
6) Pack-A-Lunch.

FIFTH (5th) Saturday of a rare month is the PACK-A-LUNCH HUNT.
1) Usually starting at 10:00 AM and usually having no boundaries.

For directions or questions on any event,
please call Rich-KN6FW at (925) 462-1467.




Jun. 29, 2002 "Pack-A-Lunch"
(Saturday) at 10:00 AM
Start Point, Pleasanton
Talk-in 147.12+ PL 100.0
or 442.625(-) PL94.8
Ron-N7TVE will be the Fox.
Fun hunt. Surprise endng.
Some sort of PICNIC thing.
Jul, 6, 2002 "Fremont Hunt"
(Saturday) at 6:00 PM
Start Point, Fremont.
Talk-in 147.015+

Beginner and Advanced hunt.
Jul, 20, 2002 "Foxes Choice"
Aug. 3, 2002 "Fremont Hunt"
(Saturday) at 6:00 PM
Start Point, Fremont.
Talk-in 147.015+

Beginner and Advanced hunt.


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Be a volunteer FOX and get personal attention from Rich Harrington.
Call Rich Harrington (KN6FW)
925 462-1467

For more information or ride along opportunities
Rich Harrington (KN6FW) 925 462-1467


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