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Transmitter Hunting

 Transmitter hunting in the
San Francisco Bay-Area.


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Radio direction finding.

Doppler & GPS equipment.
Doppler equipment and GPS mounted inside my Jeep Cherokee to locate hidden transmitters.

Transmitter hunting
Also known as Radio Direction Finding, RDF is used to locate the exact location of a radio transmitter such as broadcast, two-way radio, television, and telephones. It is also used to track missing or stolen  cars, search for persons in distress and locate downed aircraft with ELTs (Emergency Locator Transmitters.)

Doppler equiped Jeep Chrerokee

Doppler equiped Jeep Cherokee.

Hams use RDF to track jamming stations, stolen equipment, but mostly for fun. Hidden transmitter hunting (T-hunting) has been done by hams for over fifty years and is best described as hide-and seek with radio gear. T-hunters drive around, looking for a hidden transmitter in RDF-equipped cars. Most T-hunt contests start from a centralized location known as a start point and then everyone is on their own to find the hidden transmitter with the lowest possible mileage. You never know where youíll end up and you have no idea what youíre going to find.

I usually attend one T-hunt every month and write a little story of the event, describing how I located the transmitter and what happened during the hunt. Digital Photography has been a real help in documenting a T-hunt and I publish both story and photos on this web site.
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