Worldwide/National/Regional Links

American Radio Relay League - (ARRL) Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT)
Brandmeister - Worldwide Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) network TGIF - Another DMR network. Some repeaters but mostly personal "hot spots."
Southeastern Repeater Association - (SERA)
Repeater coordinator Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina;
most of Virginia & West Virginia.
Radio ID .
Just purchased a DMR (or D-Star or P-25 or YSF) radio?
In order to access these digital voice (DV) networks, you need to obtain an ID for your radio(s). More than one radio? Not to worry; your one RID per mode will cover all your radios.
Worldwide DMR user database can be downloaded. Database by continent, country, state can also be downloaded for a nominal fee.
Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) Legacy pages of Bob Bruninga WB4APR (SK).
Thanks to Steve K4HG for saving Bob's pages before the USNA took it all down! - DMR database updated daily for your Anytone D868UV & D878UV series HT's as well as D578UV series mobile radio. Download worldwide or by continent. IT'S ALL FREE!
WR3IRS Interstate DMR Network. DMR repeaters in
Virginia, Maryland, DC, Delaware,
New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Ohio.
Repeaterbook - Repeater listings for North America & other continents.
Licensed amateurs are encouraged to provide updates!

Virginia Links

Virginia ARES/RACES NWS Wakefield Skywarn - WX4AKQ
DMRVA - Linked network of DMR repeaters in Virginia.
Virginia Beach ARC - W4UG Virginia DX Century Club - W4DZ
Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service - W4CAR Radio Amateur Society of Norfolk - W4NPS
Tidewater Wireless - W4VB USS Wisconsin ARC - N4WIS
Western Tidewater Radio Association - WT4RA Portsmouth ARC - W4POX
Virginia Air & Space Center ARG - KE4ZXW Jamestown ARC - KO4VQE
D-Star DV & data repeater repeater system in James City County. Also a 220MHz FM repeater in the future!
NASA Langley ARC - KG4NJA Williamsburg Area ARC - K4RC
Eastern Shore ARC - K4BW Sterling Park ARC - Region 4 2x3 QSL bureau
Middle Peninsula ARC - W4HZL Tidewater Radio Conventions (Tidewater Hamfest)

North Carolina Links

PRN - Linked network of DMR repeaters located primarily in North Carolina & South Carolina Western NC DMR Amateur Radio Group. Another North Carolina network in the mountains.
Outer Banks Repeater Association - W4PCN Fessenden ARS - K4OBX
Columbia Emergency Repeater Association - KX4NC The Albemarle Amateur Radio Society - NC4EC

UI-View Links

UI-View is an APRS program developed by Roger Barker G4IDE (SK 9/8/04). Even though the APRS client hasn't been updated since Roger's passing, it is likely the most stable windows based APRS system in amateur radio today. Users may make their own maps using Street Atlas USA ("old style", not deluxe or current "new style" versions), Streets and Trips, or Precision Mapping version 5,6 & 7 (which allows "zooming" much like APRSDOS or WINAPRS). UI-View features an "open-ended architecture", allowing other people to write add-on programs to UI-View. There are several add-ons available now. You may download the freeware version from the UI-View website. This version is almost 100% fully functional. If you'd like, you may register the program here. Though entirely voluntary, Roger's family requests that in lieu of a registration fee, any new registrations please make a donation to your national cancer research organization (in the USA, the American Cancer Society).
UI-View home page
Andy Pritchard M0CYP UI-View add-on home page
Stephen Smith WA8LMF UI-View Notes

Scanning Links
Hampton Roads Scanner Page - My local scanning site
Capitol Hill Monitors
Radio Reference
Virginia Radio and Television
Robert Corbin's archived Virginia broadcaster site. Station listings from across the commonwealth. Included HD radio as well as analog, SD and HD television. Somewhat dated.

Individual Amateurs and Other Links of Interest
W4NMH Rich in Norfolk.
W2DAN Dave in Rhode Island.
N8CH Chuck in Illinois.
The 220 MHz Guys ARC. Chicago's WM9W 224.52 repeater, home of the nightly Nightcrawler Net
(and several other nets). Also connected via EchoLink (WM9W-R) and AllStar Link (node 458800).
Rogers County (Oklahoma)
N5XQK Memorial Boredom Breaker Net
Monday - Friday 1300-1400 ET; heard on several 220 MHz repeaters in Virginia via EchoLink (KE4AJM-R).

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