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I am Chuck Harding N8CH. I am a retired Master Chief Ocean Systems Technician and a DXer. I have currently worked over 210 countries. My main rig is a FT-1000D. I also have an FT-897 and an FT-100. I travel to GITMO with the KG4DZ group every few years. My last trip was in 2002.

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web site of:

Chuck Harding N8CH
Manteno, Il
OTCM USN (retired)


I am also an avid contester. I operate in several contests throughout the year. I operate both Phone and CW. Look for me in the contests.

My logs are on ARRL Logbook of the World. Or send direct to:

Chuck Harding
881 Banyan
Manteno, Il 60950

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Last updated: 3 October 2010

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