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Welcome to my web site!

After Retirement from the U. S. NAVY (22 years), my wife and I moved to her home town of Tiverton RI.  Here are a few pictures of the Ham Shack and Antenna setup.
















Here is where you can check my online logbook to see if we have worked.  This is made possible by  http://dx.qsl.net/logs  This is a great service



Here is the Front and Back of my QSL Card













    To see where Dave is in his truck and his new TM-D700A.  Below is a picture of my install.            







    To see local weather radar near BCRA Digi 

    To see the location of the new BCRA DIGI at Dave's house.  Running XASTIR for Linux.  Radio is an Motorola Spectra.  The TNC is a Kantronics  KPC-3 with version 8.2  Antenna is a Ringo Ranger II.  

    To locate the International Space Station via  APRS 


Some of my favorite links


      Fall River Amateur Radio Club.  

     HAMCOW webpage (A must see)

     Rhode Island Amateur FM Repeater Service

     Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club

     Eastern Virginia A.P.R.S. Group

      The Sproul's Rutgers (The Creators of WinAPRS)

       Tuscon Amateur Packet Radio Website

       Bob Bruninga WB4APR developer of APRS



My email is  [email protected] or [email protected]  they both go to [email protected]

Thanks and keep in touch.  



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