Southeastern Virginia Packet Listing

Updated August 27, 2023

After over 10 years of neglect due to not really being on top of the local packet landscape, I'll be updating this page as I get more information. Anyone who can help me with this page please drop me a line at kc4jgc at Thank you in advance! As of this date the local APRS listing is up to date to the best of my knowledge. If I've missed something, again please drop me an e-mail.

Thanks to KJ4MZ for assisting me with the local WINLINK network!

In order to reduce QRM from beyond local areas on 144.39, please adhere to standard UNPROTO digi paths for your beacons. In North America, the recommended path for mobiles/portables is "APRS,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1". I personally believe that in most areas, one more hop is required many times to ensure a posit beacon is heard by an I-Gate, which would then send your beacon into the APRS-IS, especially in rural areas. With that in mind, I've set my UNPROTO path as "APRS,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2". Three hops should be sufficient to reach an I-Gate in most cases with any APRS coverage. For fixed stations on the APRS network, consider using an UNPROTO path to keep your beacons (ESPECIALLY APRS objects your station sends) to SSn-N ("SS" meaning your state). For example, if I were to beacon an APRS object, the path for that object would be "APRS,VA3-3". That way, the object would only be digipeated by digipeaters in Virginia for three hops. Fixing 144.39.

Frequency      Call            Location                    Notes
   144.390 - 1200 bds  
KE4KDY-5 Virginia Beach (Princess Anne Hospital) VAn-N/WIDEn-N
N4JJ-10 Virginia Beach (Salem) RX/TX I-Gate
K4VBX Virginia Beach (Great Neck) RX/TX I-Gate
KA8TNF-5 Virginia Beach (western Kempsville) VAn-N/WIDEn-N
K5VAB-5 Virginia Beach (Blackwater) VAn-N/WIDEn-N
KQ4ET-5 Virginia Beach (Oceana) VAn-N/WIDEn-N
KO4WCS-5 Norfolk RX I-Gate Temp. QRT
K4APR-5 Chesapeake (Western Branch) VAn-N/WIDEn-N
W4CAR-5 Chesapeake (Great Bridge) VAn-N/WIDEn-N
K8HU-5 Chesapeake (near KCPK) VAn-N/WIDEn-N
N4WFP-5 Norfolk (West Ocean View) I-Gate; WIDEn-N; VAn-N
KF4HJW-12 Newport News VAn-N/WIDEn-N
KF4HJW Newport News WX Station
N1VTT-1 Hampton I-Gate; WIDE1-1; VAn-N
KB4ZIN-5 Williamsburg VAn-N/WIDEn-N
K4LBL-5 Suffolk (Downtown) VAn-N/WIDEn-N
KD4NFI-5 Parksley VAn-N/WIDEn-N
KB4ZIN-5 Williamsburg VAn-N/WIDEn-N
W4HZL-1 New Point Comfort VAn-N/WIDEn-N
  145.030 - 1200 bds
KE4FYV Newport News (LPEN) (currently inactive)
  145.09 - 1200 bds
KN4DUF-10 Virginia Beach
NC4EC-10 Chesapeake
  145.550 Chesapeake
  145.730 1200 bds
KQ4ET-10 Virginia Beach (VAB)
W4CAR-10(?) Chesapeake (CHESND)
WT4RA-10 Isle of Wight
W4HPT-10(?) Hampton (HAMPND)
KE4FYV Newport News (LPEN)
WB4UHC-10 Yorktown
AI4WU-10 Williamsburg
KE4DV Seaford
  440.4500 N1VTT-10 Hampton
KE4DV-10 Seaford
 441.0500 (9600 bds) Hampton (HAMPND)
KE4FYV Newport News (LPEN)
  446.075 1200 bds KE4CVY Toano (TIDE)
KE4FYV Newport News (LPEN) (currently inactive)

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