Southeastern Virginia Packet Listing


In order to reduce QRM from beyond local areas, in 2005 the APRS WIDEn-N digi path is being scaled down. In most of Virginia the WIDEn-N is limited to 3-3. Anyone using 4-4 or more will be trapped out. A new path, VAn-N (only digipeated by VA digi's) is also limited to 3-3 or less. For details, go to WB4APR's Fixing 144.39.

Frequency      Call            Location                    Notes
   144.390 W4BBR-5 Virginia Beach (Oceanfront) APRS VAn-N/WideN-n - VBEARS
W4NMH Norfolk APRS digi
W4POX-5 Portsmouth Portsmouth EOC
W4CAR-5 Chesapeake (Great Bridge) APRS VAN-n/WideN-n
N4EVA-11 Newport News APRS VAn-N/Wide3-3 - Eastern VA APRS Grp
KF4HJW Newport News APRS WX Station
KF4HJX-8 Newport News Newport News EOC
N4EVA-13 Eastville APRS VAN-n/WideN-n Eastern VA APRS Grp
N4EVA-12 Accomac APRS VAN-n/WideN-n Eastern VA APRS Grp
KB4ZIN-5 Williamsburg APRS VAN-n/WideN-n
WB7URZ Hayes APRS VAN-n/WideN-n
WX4AKQ-1 Wakefield NWS WFO
  145.030 N4SD-1 Suffolk Node (SEVA)  9600 bds
KE4FYV Newport News PBBS (FYVBBS) 9600 bds
KE4FYV-2 Newport News Node (LPEN)
  145.090 AC4HB Gloucester DX Cluster
W4ELK-1 Norfolk PBBS
W4ELK-7 Norfolk Node (NOMEND)
AF4CD-1 Chesapeake PBBS
AF4CD-3 Chesapeake Node (CHESND)
W4HPT-2 Newport News Node (HAMPND)
KG4NGA Hampton Node (LARCND)
KE4FYV-2 Newport News Node (LPEN)
KR4MA-2 Yorktown Node (YORKTO)
KE4CVY-2 Lightfoot Node (TIDE)
W4LG Suffolk (Louise Obici Hospital) Node (OBCHND)
N4NSP-7 QTH unknown Node (MELINKN)
WT4RA-1 Isle of Wight PBBS
WT4RA Isle of Wight Node (DTENND)
 446.075 AF4CD-1 Chesapeake PBBS (CHESBBS) 9600 bds
AF4CD-2 Chesapeake Node (CHESND) 9600 bds

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