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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field

Do It Yourself Projects #3

Posted 25 May 2005
Updated 27 May 2005

Here are some of the "Best of the Best" Projects and "How-To" Pages I've wandered upon in my treks across the Net.

Data Acquisition

  • Air flow detector
  • Air flow detector
  • Strain gauge sensor
  • Digital Water Wave/Tide/Level Meter (PIC16F876)
  • Self made data-logger V2.5 (second edition)
  • Magnetometer
  • Analog input section based on AD9220
  • uModem 4+4/8 channel A/D board
  • ADXL202 accelerometer to CV output
  • Light direction sensor
  • 12-Bit ADC interface
  • Digital thermometer
  • Universal flight controllers / datalogger
  • Rain detector
  • Home Brew Compass Sensor
  • Using 555 Timer as an A/D converter
  • ADC0804LCN 8-bit A/D converter
  • Web-based thermometer project
  • Low Flow-Rate Thermal Flowmeter
  • Geiger counter
  • Differential Capacitance Measurement for Tilt Meter
  • Honey Bee counter (PDF)
  • Capacitance type liquid level measurement (PDF)
  • Thermostat node schematic
  • Digital PC Oscilloscope
  • Ultrasonic Range & Imager
  • Precision Digital Altimeter
  • Digital compass schematic
  • Temperature datalogger
  • Serial Port A/D-converter
  • Centronics port D/A converters and low-pass filter
  • LCD Thermometer
  • Acceleration monitor using Analog Devices ADXL202
  • Optical sensor using PIC12C508
  • Wireless Liquid Level Sensing for Restaurant Applications
  • Accelerometer Schematic
  • Pressure Sensor-Based Altimeter Circuit
  • Ultrasonic range finder circuit
  • 1-wire barometer
  • Water-level sensor
  • Addressable ADC
  • Electronic altimeter using PIC16F877
  • Wireless weater station

  • Infrared

  • IR detector
  • Infrared body heat detector
  • Stereo IR audio receiver
  • General purpose IR receiver
  • Wireless IR headphone transmitter
  • Wireless IR headphone receiver
  • Infrared remote control shutter release system
  • Infrared transmitter for locomotives
  • Infrared gate for door
  • Infrared circuits for remote control
  • Serial port controller infrared transmitter (PIC16F628)
  • IR Receiver (Amplitude Modulated IR)
  • IR Transmitter for Audio (Amplitude Modulated IR)
  • Digibox interface
  • IR remote control
  • Long Range Infrared Remote
  • iRDA to TTL interface
  • 40KHz light receiver (PDF)
  • 40KHz TV-VCR repeater (PDF)
  • Micro based PIR to IR remote converter
  • IR-related ASCII Schematics V1.00
  • Infrared remote transponder
  • Build an Infrared night scope
  • Decoding IR Remote Controls
  • IR detector
  • PC IR Remote Control Hardware
  • PC IR Remote Control
  • An Ambient-Light-Ignoring Infrared Active Motion Detector
  • Infrared Transmitter and Receiver schematic diagrams
  • Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor
  • Minimal Infrared transmitter for PC
  • Simple IR transmitter circuit
  • Simple infra-red detector
  • AVR (AT90S2313) serial port infrared receiver
  • Infra Red Switch
  • IR remote control extender
  • IR Remote Control Extender Circuit (Mark 2)
  • IR Remote Control Extender Circuit (Mark 3)
  • IR Link
  • IR remote control tester
  • 40khz IR Tester
  • 555 timer 40khz IR Oscillator
  • IR detector / emitter
  • Fire-Stick infrared remote control
  • Simple infrared remote control
  • Infrared / Ultrasonic beacon
  • Implementing Infrared Object Detection
  • IR detector for robotics
  • Computerized Infrared Remote

  • Laser

  • Light beam receiver for laser pistols
  • 12V supply for He-Ne laser
  • Laser diode transmitter
  • Laser power supply
  • Laser transmitter/receiver
  • Laser harp
  • Laser Telephone Receiver Circuit
  • Fiber Optic Voice Communications
  • Efficient Laser Supply
  • 20MHz VCSEL 3mW laser test circuit (PDF)
  • 10MHz to 20MHz laser light detector (PDF)
  • Micro-power 40KHz burst laser diode driver (PDF)
  • 40KHz laser burst detector (PDF)
  • Modulated laser diode tester (PDF)
  • Ar/Kr Ion Laser Power Supply
  • Laser diode power supply circuits
  • RS-232 Laser Transceiver
  • HeNe laser power supply
  • OPT201 Laser receiver
  • OPT301 Laser receiver
  • Laser transmitter schematics
  • Diode Laser Power Supplies
  • Laser bug circuit
  • RS-232 Laser Transceiver
  • Experimental laser data link
  • Ar/Kr Ion Laser Power Supply Design
  • Simple laser communicator

  • Microcontroller

  • PIC based packet radio encoder (PDF)
  • RS485-Version of the SAB80C535-Microcontrollerboard
  • PC IR receiver based on PIC16F84
  • Record and play fast 1-bit sound on a PIC micro
  • AT89C2051/4051scanning 7-segment display and keypad
  • AT89C2051/4051 Driving dot LED
  • AT89C2051/4051stepper motor interface
  • AT89C2051/4051connecting dumb terminal
  • Motorola 68K SBC (single board computer)
  • 8051 SBC (single board computer)
  • Simple RS232C Level Converter using Transistors
  • Motorola 68HC11 evaluation board
  • C-52 EVB Robot Controller
  • Mains clock controller using AT89C2051
  • AT89C2051/4051 Easy-Downloader
  • AT89C51/52/55 Easy-Downloader
  • PIC16F84 programmer
  • PIC16F84 miniature real-time controller
  • Isolated RS232 for PIC16F84
  • PIC16F84 debugging terminal
  • MiniLOGGER V1.0
  • Analog datalogger based on T89C51RD2
  • Atmel 89C Series Flash Microcontroller Programmer
  • Atmel 89C2051 prototype board
  • AT89C2051 real-time controller
  • PIC12C508 Night-light saver
  • AT89C2051 Night light saver
  • Atmel 8051 Flash Based-Microcontroller Programmer
  • AT89C2051 Digital thermometer and clock
  • 4-Channel Timer using Atmel 89C4051 and MAX7219 display driver
  • PIC16F84 CW decoder (PDF)
  • 12C508 Smart Lock
  • 80C31 stepper motor controller
  • Build a PIC controlled DDS VFO, 0 to 6 MHz
  • PIC controlled DDS VFO, 0 to 6 MHz
  • Basic Stamp Lightning Activity Monitor
  • Parallel AVR programmer
  • PIC16F84 line following robot
  • PIC16C505 IR / wireless remote control
  • Automatic door opener with PIC12C508
  • RS485-like multi-drop bus with half duplex serial protocol
  • WWWpic2 - A web server in a PIC
  • PIC16F84 web server
  • 50 MHz frequency counter, voltage meter & SWR/PWR indicator
  • Microcontroller board using the Atmel AVR AT90S8535
  • Programmer PIC16F84,12C50x and EEPROM 24Cxx
  • RDS Encoder - digital part
  • PIC programmer for serial port
  • Fully functional PS/2 mouse based on the PIC16F84
  • PIC 18 programmer (PIC18F458, PIC18F452, PIC18C252, PIC16C745, PIC18F6620, etc)
  • Foreign vocabulary recollector
  • Illuminate holiday destinations on a world map
  • Embedded system to send e-mails (small TCP/IP stack)
  • Speaking clock using PIC & ISD device
  • Speaking doorbell using PIC & ISD device
  • Whistle detector using 8-pin PIC
  • PIXpand
  • PIC16F877 to IDE interface
  • 68HC11 stepper motor control
  • 90S2313 AVR Robot Board
  • POCSAG encoder/decoder
  • Network Time Protocol AVR Clock
  • DS1820 Temperature Sensor Readout Unit
  • Rotating Sprocket Wheel Generator (PIC16F84)
  • Talking PIC - based on SP0256
  • Serial to parallel converter using the AT89C2051
  • AT89C2051 serial COMs to LED driver
  • PIC16F877 Programmer And Development System
  • DS1820 Arbiter V2.00 Schematic
  • Microchip PIC ICSP implementation
  • 101 AT Keyboard to ASCII Decoder using 68HC705J1A MCU
  • LCD Serial Terminal
  • Propellor clock (PIC16F84)
  • Optical sensor using PIC12C508
  • Interfacing S-7800A to PIC16F877
  • A Scenix (and PIC) Programmer
  • MMC to PIC16F876 circuit diagram
  • 8088 maximum mode SBC
  • EZ80 single board computer schematic (Z80)
  • 8051 Development System Circuit Board
  • Voice recording and message retrieval system
  • Interfacing a GPS to an LCD using a Microcontroller
  • Long-period watchdog timer
  • PIC16F84 Range Finder Project
  • Generate video signals in real-time using a PIC16F84
  • PIC Project #1 - RS232 to I2C Interface
  • Galvanic decoupling of I2C bus
  • Programmer PIC16F84,12C50x and EEPROM 24Cxx
  • Dual PIC16C84 prototype board
  • Graphic LCD interface
  • FSK modem with PIC16C84
  • Talking YODA project (PIC16C84)
  • PIC16F84/PIC16F87x-In-System-Programmer
  • Microcontroller interface for 5KW microwave oven
  • Using an I2C Serial EEPROM with a Basic Stamp 2
  • PIC16F84 Based Morse Code Reader
  • AVR-Based Serial Port IR Receiver
  • Interfacing piezo elements to a microcontroller
  • Victoria TAFE programmer (based on AT89C2051)
  • JDM programmer
  • PIC micro programmer
  • Speech recognition using HM2007
  • PIC microcontroller servo motor interface
  • PIC micro multiple servo motor interface
  • PIC16F84 countdown timer
  • PIC16F873 ultrasonic range meter
  • PIC16F873 Digital clock
  • PIC16F873 remote display
  • PIC16F84 stepper motor controller
  • Way small web server
  • PICADC - a free, PIC based "intelligent" A/D converter
  • 8051 development system circuit board
  • 8088 maximum mode single board computer (SBC)
  • Basic 89C2051 / 89C4051 circuit diagram
  • Debugging dump terminal for 89C2051 designs
  • Easy debugging terminal
  • Galvanic decoupling of I2C bus
  • Circuits interfacing piezo elements to a microcontroller
  • Driving a TRIAC using a PIC12C508
  • Isolated RS232C for PIC16F84
  • Microchip ICD (in-circuit debugger) circuit diagram
  • Microchip PIC ICSP implementation circuit diagram
  • Interfacing NMEA GPS to LCD using PIC16F84
  • PIC ICD (in-circuit debugger)
  • PIC16C71 morse code callsign generator
  • PIC16F84 to LCD interface
  • PIC16F84 I/O expander with PicBasic
  • Scanning 7-Segment & Keypad
  • 10-key serial keypad encoder
  • Simple RS232C Level Converter using Transistors
  • Talking PIC microcontroller using SP0256
  • PIC-Programmer 2
  • Connecting PIC12C508 8 to 93AA46 serial eprom
  • KD7LMO Micro Beacon (PIC18F252)
  • GPS LCD Display Project
  • PIC16F84 LED chaser
  • PIC micro LED projects
  • PS/2 keyboard keystroke logger based on Atmel 89C2051
  • Electronic distance meter based on Motorola 68HC908QY4
  • Fan timer based on Motorola 68HC908QT2
  • Atmel AVR and 8051 series ISP programmer
  • AT89C2051 line-follower robot
  • Night light saver (PIC12C508)
  • USB and GLCD expansion board for 8051 SBC
  • Basic stamp interface circuits
  • Microcontroller sensor and actuator interfaces
  • Giant money counter (PIC16F876)
  • PIC12C509 logic gate replacement for nitrogen filler
  • PIC demo board
  • PIC12C509 Gym Timer
  • PIC LCD and Keypad driver
  • PIC12C508 Phase Controller for 2kW heater
  • PIC16F84 TRIAC / IGBT brightness phase controller
  • PIC16F84 pulse monitor with date/time output (ZIP)
  • Programmer for the 68HC705C8 MicroController
  • 27c801 EPROM Programmer Project
  • LCD to PIC16C54 schematic
  • 68HC11 based RDS decoder
  • Acceleration monitor using ADXL202 and AVR
  • 40+ MHz 5-digit frequency counter with an AVR 2313
  • Interfacing DRAM to AT90S8515
  • Temperature monitor/controller: AVR 2313 / DS1621
  • PIC micro to ISA bus interface
  • PIC16C84 VT-52 Emulator for Linux
  • Microchip PIC ICD (in-circuit debugger)
  • Tony Nixons Pocket Programmer (PIC)
  • PicoWeb V5.1 (AT90S8515) tiny web server
  • Atmel 89C2051 In-Circuit Programmer Schematic
  • 8051 Development System Circuit Board
  • 8051 Development System Circuit Board
  • Microprocessor using Xilinx FPGA
  • Temperature controlled based on AT89CX051
  • I2C LCD interface
  • AFSK 1200 Modem based on PIC16C620
  • PicCon - Hidden Radio Transmitter Controller
  • PIC16F84 tone generator with source code
  • PIC16F84 tone generator
  • PIC16F84 tone generator (6-Bit)
  • AVR Beacon Super Keyer
  • AVR Frequency Counter
  • AVR Digital Voltmeter
  • AVR Signal Generator
  • Ser-Key 10-Key Serial Keypad Encoder
  • 2-wire LCD interface using PIC16CF84
  • PIC16F84 Serial I/O-expander with PicBasic
  • RS 485-RPT Schematic
  • Camera remote control system using Basic Stamp
  • Low cost Atmel in-system programmer
  • Ultra low-cost programmer for AT90S family
  • AVR to USB interface
  • Programable LCD counter with memory backup based on Atmel AT90S1200A
  • Connecting AT90S2313 with LCD display 2x16 char and 4x4 keypad
  • Atmel AVR RCEN fuse bit programmer
  • Electronic safety lock based on ATtiny26
  • GSM SMS remote control using AVR microcontroller
  • 128x64 LCD Driver for AT90S2313 (ZIP file)
  • Connecting LED to PIC Micro I/O pins (PDF)
  • Microprocessor RS-232 Reset
  • AT90S8515 experimenter board
  • Multi-chip programmer for PIC microcontrollers
  • Buffered PIC chip interface
  • A PIC-Based Keyboard Emulator
  • PIC-based robot
  • ScanMate audio activated recorded
  • PIC vacuum fluorescent display interface
  • PIC18F252 bootloader schematics
  • PIC16F876 Datalogger
  • GPS Repeater
  • Kodak DC-20 camera interface (PIC12C509)
  • Kodak DC-20 camera interface (PIC16F84)
  • PIC ICD in-circuit debugger circuit diagram
  • PIC programmers for parallel port
  • Wisp628 ISP Microchip PIC Programmer
  • WLoader - PIC16F877 application loader / bootloader
  • Nixie clock (PIC16F876)
  • Zilog Z80 thermostat embedded web server
  • Picxie 2 - 8x8 Animated LED Signboard (PIC16F84) Picxie 2 - 8x8 Animated LED Signboard
  • 10 tricks for interfacing to the PIC16C508
  • Interfacing the PIC16C508
  • PIC 5x7 display
  • Analog to digital conversion notes
  • Multi-chip programmer

  • Motor Control

  • Bridge head
  • PWM motor controller
  • Transistor relay driver
  • Latching relay driver
  • Relay delay circuit
  • Touch switch
  • Low voltage DC motor speed controller
  • Flashing neon christmas lights
  • Three input first response monitor
  • Switch-on delay circuit
  • Electronic thermostat
  • LM3911 temperature controller
  • Programmable light-activated relay
  • Simple 10 Stage Control Box
  • One component stepper motor driver
  • Dual Stepping motor drivers using UDN2540
  • PWM DC motor control with SG3525
  • Stepper Motor Driver using TEA3718/3717
  • Microstepping with PBM3960 and TEA3718
  • DC Motor Driver with L6203
  • Stepper Motor Driver using L298 and L297
  • Several stepper motorol control circuits
  • Wireless RF PWM dual motor controller
  • H Bridge Motor Control Circuits
  • Motor speed controllers
  • Ceiling fan speed control
  • Delayed off light switch
  • Deoderizer fan timer
  • Electronic Thermostat Relay Circuit
  • Interfacing 5 volt CMOS to 12 volt loads
  • Light Activated Relay
  • CMOS Toggle Flip Flop With Relay(CD4013)
  • 555 Timer Monostable Circuit Using Pushbutton
  • Dual Channel Servo Pulse to H-Bridge Interface
  • Current loop interface
  • Switching solenoid driver
  • Modular relay system
  • Light/dark detector
  • Pulse Width Modulation DC Motor Control
  • Stepper motor controller
  • Touch switch
  • Pump controller
  • H-Bridge motor controller (5 amps, 100 watts)
  • Dual Channel Servo Pulse to H-Bridge Interface
  • Servo pulse to PWM converter
  • 12V Sump Pump Control
  • Rolling code 4-channel UHF remote control
  • DC Motor Speed Controller
  • 3 Phase Brushless DC Motor Xtal Based Controller
  • DC motor controller
  • Garden moisture controller
  • Overload Voltage Protection with Automatic Reset
  • Pulse Width Modulator
  • Pulse Width Modulator Motor Speed Control
  • Pushbutton one-shot and latch (PDF)
  • Charge coupled bi-directional power MOSFET relay (PDF)
  • Finger touch activated switch (PDF)
  • Machine vibration triggers hour meter (PDF)
  • Solid state relay (PDF)
  • Line-powered Xenon flash transmitter (PDF)
  • 9V Xenon photoflash controller (PDF)
  • AC switching with TRIAC from TTL
  • Control 120VAC relay with TTL
  • Driving a relay with a CPU
  • Power-line Appliance Controller
  • Simple Switched Servo Driver
  • Combination-controlled, fully customizable RF remote control
  • Thermoelectic controller (scriptable thermometer)
  • Stepper motor positioner
  • Stepper motor driver
  • Thermostat
  • Frequency switch
  • PIC16F84 RF remote controller
  • Stepper motor controller
  • H-Bridge shematic
  • DS1821 programmable thermostat
  • Hot Water Tank Indicator
  • Temperature monitor
  • Cold activated switch
  • Voltage comparator switch
  • Dark activated switch
  • DC Push Button Motor Control Circuit
  • Light detector
  • DC Motor Reversing Circuit
  • Sound operated switch
  • LDR light/dark activated relay switch
  • Touch Switches
  • 6090 digital decoder schematics
  • Assorted relay control circuits
  • Adjustable Voltage motor controller
  • Serial servo controller
  • DC Motor-Driver H-Bridge Circuit
  • PWM Motor Speed Controller / DC Light Dimmer
  • Constant Temperature Circuit
  • PWM DC Motor Speed Control
  • Solenoid starter
  • CO2 controller for planted tanks
  • Light activated relay
  • Delayed shutter control for Kodak DC-20
  • Gasoline generator automatic throttle controller
  • Block power switching module
  • MOSFET H-BRIDGE schematic and theory

  • PC

  • I2C printer port adaptor
  • RS232C Level Converter
  • PC electrically isolated RS422 interface using SN75176B or MAX485
  • PC electrically isolated RS485 interface using MAX487 or SN75176B
  • Short circuit protected power supply from PC 12V supply
  • Isolated Full Duplex RS232C Interface
  • RS232 DB-9 switch to flip between two serial ports
  • DB-9 Connector to DB-25 (both RS-232)
  • Mac Serial Port (RS-422 DIN-8) to RS-232 DB-25
  • Modem Rockwell RCV336/ACF model V1433VQR ext.
  • Genius Mouse schematics
  • EEPROM programmer
  • Commodore 64 24-bit parallel port interface with 8255
  • Sound Card Interface with Tone Keyer
  • RGB oo Monochrome converter - Matches impedance of PC to CCTV monitor
  • Ericsson phone to PC serial port interface
  • PC serial port receiver
  • Parallel port relay interface
  • ISA 48 I/O digital card
  • PC infrared iRDA interface using TFDS 4500
  • Jupiter card programmer
  • USB to RS232 Dongle
  • Parallel (Printer) Port Interface
  • RS-232 line monitor and loopback cables
  • The KD2BD Pacsat Modem
  • A Serial Infrared Remote Controller
  • PC Serial and Parallel Port Software and Interfaces
  • Interfacing 16x2 character :LCD to parallel port
  • RS-232 Protocol Analyser
  • Interface cable for Casio QV-200 digital camera
  • Radio clock for PC's
  • A PC-Based LowFER Frequency Synthesizer
  • General purpose 48-bit ISA parallel I/O card
  • Power from RS-232 port
  • PCI to ISA converter
  • WatchDog for ISA Bus
  • 4-channel 8-bit analog-to-digital converter for PC
  • Printer port ADC
  • Parallel port ADC based on MAX147
  • Analog Signal Acquisition for PC Printer Port
  • More accurate PC/AT clock
  • Getting power from RS-232 interface
  • Barcode scanner
  • Build your own iRDA SIR Transceiver (Dongle) using MCP2120
  • PC thermometer
  • Dive computer interface
  • Parallel port servo controller
  • GPS receiver (Gamin, Eagle etc) to PC interface cables
  • Connect two CD-ROM drives to one soundcard
  • Headphone driving circuit for soundcards
  • Get power out of PC parallel port
  • Null Printer Adapter
  • PC speaker volume control circuit
  • How to get power from PC to your circuits
  • RS-232 surge protection
  • Simple RS-232 serial port buffer circuit
  • Get power out of PC RS-232 port
  • Sound Blaster Microphone Preamplifier
  • Sega 3D glass interfacing circuits
  • Convert Atari-style joystick to PC joystick port
  • Fake Joystick circuit
  • Using the joystick port as general purpose input
  • Connect other circuits to PC joystick port
  • Schematic of a standard PC joystick
  • Simple PC SmartCard reader
  • Fax to modem interface
  • Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) and Communicating with a PC
  • Temperature sensor for PC
  • Interfacing to an IBM PC/AT keyboard
  • PC interface for point controller
  • Linux Infra-red Remote Control (LIRC)
  • Homebuilt RS232 LCD Interface
  • Compter microphone
  • CCD linear image sensor to PC parallel interface
  • Laptop Computer Serial Port Power Booster
  • Assorted computer interface circuits
  • HamComm Interface
  • Apple II/II+/IIe IDE Drive Interface
  • Basic Stamp I & PC Relay Controller
  • RS-232 to TTL cable
  • Hi-Fi PC Speaker System
  • IDE hard-disk interface for Amiga 500
  • How to construct Garmin GPS receiver interface cables
  • iRDA printer adapter
  • 160 Baud ALDL Hardware Interface
  • AT PC Power Supply 1
  • AT PC Power Supply 2
  • AT PC Power Supply 3
  • AT PC Power Supply 4
  • AT PC Power Supply 5
  • iLINK Interface
  • Digital Signals Decoding Interfaces
  • 9-pin null modem cable
  • RS232 - Lowe HF-225 interface
  • RS232 to IrDA convertor using Vishay TOIM3232
  • Interfacing PC sound card to SSB rig
  • Supply Derives Power From 3-Wire RS-232 Port
  • 24-line PC digital interface (PDF)

  • PDA

  • Casio interface circuits
  • SHARP palm-top/hand-held to RS232 serial converter
  • Interfacing ultrasonic range finder to BrainStem
  • Hamamatsu UVTron Interface to a BrainStem
  • Casio interface cable
  • Casio organiser hardware
  • MIDI interface for Palm computers
  • MIDI interface for Palm cradle
  • MIDI interface for Visor USB
  • MIDI-USB Cradle for Visor (Deluxe, Platinum)
  • MIDI interface for Visor
  • Casio datalogger
  • Interfacing ADXL202 accelerometer to PalmPilot
  • PalmPilot audio interface
  • PalmPilot cradle to modem adapter
  • PalmPilot connector pinouts
  • PalmPilot serial port interface
  • PalmPilot memory schematics
  • Aladin interface
  • PalmPilot turbo boost guage interface
  • IBM PC keyboard to PalmPilot interface
  • Aladin interface using op-amp
  • Wireless local network for PalmPilot (large PDF)

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