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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field

Hurricane Net Frequencies

Posted 03 May 2005
Updated 13 Jun 2005

Amateur HF Emergency Hurricane Nets
Mode Time Note
1984.0 LSB   Virgin Islands (VI, Puerto Rico, Lesser Antilles)
80 Meters Nets
3573.0 (CW)   Carolinas Net
3710.0 LSB   Puerto Rico
3808.0 LSB (1030) Caribbean Wx
3815.0 LSB   Antigua/Antilles Emergency and Weather
3815.0 (LSB)   Caribbean Net (see FL alternates too)
3815.0 (LSB) (24 hr) Inter-Island 75 meter frequency
3815.0 LSB (continuous watch) Inter-Island
3818.0 LSB   Antigua/Antilles
3845.0 LSB   Gulf Coast West Hurricane
3862.5 LSB   Mississippi Section Traffic
3865.0 LSB   West Virginia Emergency
3872.5 LSB (0100) Mercury Amateur Radio Assoc ad hoc hurricane info net
3873.0 LSB   Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
3873.0 LSB (night) Louisiana ARES Emergency
3873.0 LSB (night) Texas ARES Emergency
3873.0 LSB   Mississippi ARES Emergency
3873.0 (LSB)   Texas/Louisiana (Emergency)
3905.0 LSB   Pacific ARES (Hawaii)
3905.0 LSB   Delaware Emergency
3907.0 LSB   Carolina Coast Emergency
3907.0 (LSB) Dy 0000 Coastal Carolina Emergency Net
3910.0 LSB   Mississippi ARES
3910.0 LSB   Louisiana Traffic
3910.0 LSB   Virginia Emergency, Alpha (ARES/RACES)
3910.0 (LSB)   Virginia primary (alt 7360)
3913.0 LSB   New York State Emergency
3915.0 LSB   South Carolina SSB NTS
3915.0 LSB   Massachusetts/Rhode Island Emergency
3915.0 (LSB)   South Carolina Emergency Net
3917.0 LSB   Eastern Pennsylvania Emergency
3920.0 LSB   Maryland Emergency
3923.0 LSB   Mississippi ARES
3923.0 (LSB)   North Carolina Evening Net
3923.0 (LSB)   Tar Heel Emergency Net (alt 7232)
3923.0 (LSB)   Always good for SE US H&W
3923.0 LSB   North Carolina ARES Emergency (Tarheel)
3925.0 LSB   Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
3925.0 LSB   New York State Emergency
3925.0 LSB   Louisiana Emergency (altn)
3927.0 LSB   North Carolina ARES (health & welfare)
3927.0 (LSB)   North Carolina Morning Net
3925.0 LSB   Southwest Traffic (altn)
3930.0 (LSB)   Gulf Coast Hurricane Net alternate
3930.0 (LSB)   Louisiana
3930.0 (LSB)   North Texas Emergency Net
3933.0 (LSB) Dy 0000 Panhandle Traffic Emergency Net
3935.0 LSB   Belize
3935.0 LSB   Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
3935.0 LSB   Louisiana ARES (health & welfare)
3935.0 LSB   Texas ARES (health & welfare)
3935.0 LSB   Mississippi ARES (health & welfare)
3935.0 LSB   Alabama Emergency
3935.0 (LSB)   Central Gulf Coast Hurricane Net
3935.0 (LSB)   Texas (Health & Welfare in Bret)
3937.0 LSB   Western Massachusetts ARES
3940.0 LSB   Southern Florida Emergency
3940.0 (LSB)   Caribbean Net Alternate - S. Florida
3940.0 (LSB) M 0330 Salvation Army SATERN
3943.0 (LSB)   West Gulf Emergency Net
3947.0 LSB   Virginia Emergency, Bravo (health & welfare)
3947.0 (LSB)   Virginia health & welfare (alt 7240)
3950.0 LSB   Hurricane Watch (Amateur-to-National Hurricane Center) (altn)
3950.0 LSB   Northern Florida Emergency
3950.0 (LSB)   Caribbean Net Alternate - N. Florida
3955.0 LSB   South Texas Emergency
3955.0 (LSB)   South Texas Emergency Net
3957.0 (LSB)   Louisiana State EOC
3960.0 LSB   Northeast Coast Hurricane
3960.0 (LSB)   Northeast Coast Hurricane Net
3965.0 LSB   Alabama Emergency (altn)
3965.0 LSB   Connecticut Emergency
3965.0 (LSB)   SE US Emergency
3967.0 LSB   Gulf Coast (outgoing traffic)
3970.0 LSB   New Jersey ARES
3975.0 LSB   Georgia ARES
3975.0 LSB   Texas RACES
3980.0 LSB   Southeast Virginia ARES
3987.5 LSB   Mexican National
3990.5 LSB   New Jersey RACES
3993.0 LSB   New York State RACES
3993.5 LSB   Gulf Coast (health & welfare)
3993.5 LSB   South Carolina ARES/RACES Emergency
3995.0 LSB   Gulf Coast Wx
3995.0 LSB   Western New York State Coordination
40 Meters Nets
7055.0 LSB   El Grupo Seguimiento de Huracanes (Spanish)
7055.0 (LSB)   Mexican Hurricane Net
7060.0 LSB   Mexican (emergency and health & welfare) (Spanish)
7070.0 LSB   Manana (Baja California)
7090.0 LSB   Central America Emergency
7090.0 (LSB)   Central America Emergency Net
7105.0 (LSB)   Cuban use in Michelle
7110.0 LSB (day) Cuba Emergency
7145.0 LSB   Bermuda
7158.0 (LSB) dy 0000 Caribbean Net
7165.0 LSB   Antigua/Antilles Emergency and Weather
7165.0 LSB (continuous watch) Inter-Island 40-meter
7225.0 LSB   Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
7230.0 LSB   New York State Emergency
7230.0 LSB   Southwest Traffic
7232.0 LSB   North Carolina ARES Emergency (Tarheel) (altn)
7232.0 (LSB)   Tar Heel Emergency Net
7235.0 LSB   Louisiana Emergency
7235.0 LSB   Baja California
7235.0 LSB   Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
7235.0 LSB   West Virginia
7235.0 LSB   Louisiana Emergency
7238.0 (LSB) dy 1500/1600 Baja California Maritime Net
7240.0 LSB   American Red Cross US Gulf Coast Disaster
7240.0 LSB   Texas Emergency
7240.0 LSB   Virginia Emergency, Bravo (health & welfare) (altn)
7241.0 (LSB) dy 1100 Caribbean Maritime Mobile Net, St. Croix
7242.0 LSB   Southern Florida ARES Emergency (altn)
7243.0 LSB   Alabama Emergency
7243.0 LSB   South Carolina Emergency
7245.0 LSB   Southern Louisiana
7245.0 LSB   New York State RACES
7247.0 (LSB)   SE US Emergency
7247.5 LSB   Northern Florida ARES Emergency (altn)
7248.0 LSB   Texas RACES
7250.0 LSB   Belize
7250.0 LSB   Texas Emergency
7250.0 (LSB) Sat 1700 Salvation Army SATERN
7254.0 LSB   Northern Florida Emergency
7260.0 LSB   Gulf Coast West Hurricane
7260.0 LSB   Virginia Emergency, Alpha (ARES/RACES) (altn)
7264.0 LSB   Gulf Coast (health & welfare)
7265.0 LSB   Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio (SATERN) (altn)
7265.0 (LSB) Sat 1630 Salvation Army SATERN
7268.0 LSB   Bermuda
7268.0 LSB   Waterway
7268.0 (LSB)   Waterway Net secondary/ Maritime Mobile
7273.0 LSB   Texas ARES (altn)
7275.0 LSB   Georgia ARES
7280.0 LSB   NTS Region 5
7280.0 LSB   Louisiana Emergency (altn)
7283.0 LSB   Gulf Coast (outgoing only)
7285.0 LSB   Louisiana ARES Emergency (day)
7285.0 LSB   Mississippi ARES Emergency
7285.0 LSB (day) Texas ARES Emergency
7285.0 (LSB)   Texas/Louisiana (Emergency)
7290.0 LSB   Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
7290.0 LSB   Gulf Coast Wx
7290.0 LSB   Texas ARES (health & welfare)
7290.0 LSB (day) Louisiana ARES (health & welfare)
7290.0 LSB   Texas ARES (health & welfare)
7290.0 LSB   Mississippi ARES (health & welfare)
7290.0 LSB   Hawaii Emergency
7290.0 LSB   Traffic
7290.0 (LSB)   Texas (Health & Welfare)
7294.0 (LSB) dy 1530 Chubasco Net
7299.0 (LSB) Dy 1700 South Pacific Sailing Net
20 Meters Nets
14185.0 USB   Caribbean Emergency
14118.0 (USB) dy 1100 & 2230 'Le Reseau Du Capitaine' Net. Montreal, Canada.
Most operators bilingual FF/EE, covers Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean for WX and emergency tfc
14185.0 (USB)   Caribbean emergency frequency
14200.0 USB   (Please advise)
14121.0 (USB) dy 1245 Mississauga Maritime Mobile Net
Covers Europe, Med, Atlantic, Caribbean and Central America,
14215.0 USB   Pacific Inter-island
14215.0 (USB)   Pacific Inter-Island Net (alternate)
14222.0 USB   Health & Welfare
14235.0 (USB)   Pan-American Health Net
14245.0 USB   Health & Welfare
14260.0 (USB)   UN Net
14265.0 USB   Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio (SATERN)
14265.0 (USB) M-F 1400 Salvation Army SATERN Net
14268.0 (USB)   UN Radio Readiness Group
14268.0 USB   Amateur Radio Readiness Group
14270.0 (USB)   Red Cross Net
14275.0 (USB)   IARN disaster relief
14275.0 USB   Bermuda
14275.0 USB   International Amateur Radio
14283.0 USB   Caribus (health & welfare)
14283.0 (USB)   Friendly Caribus Connection (a Caribbean net)
14283.0 (USB)   UN Relief Net
14293.0 (USB)   Red Cross use
14300.0 USB   Intercontinental Traffic
14300.0 USB   Maritime Mobile Service
14300.0 (USB) Dy 1600-0200 summer
1700-0200 winter
Maritime Mobile Service Net
Atlantic fm. Cape Town to Greenland, E. Pacific, Gulf.
14300.0 (USB) S 1600/1700 US Coast Guard Amateur Radio Net
14303.0 USB   International Assistance & Traffic
14303.0 (USB)   ARRL International Assistance & Traffic Net
14310.0 (USB) dy 0400 Maritime Emergency Net
14313.0 (USB)   Maritime Mobile Service Net Alternate-1
14313.0 (USB) S 1600 US Coast Guard Amateur Radio Net
14313.0 USB   Intercontinental Traffic (altn)
14313.0 USB   Maritime Mobile Service (altn)
14315.0 (USB) Dy 0800 Pacific Interisland Net
14315.0 (USB) First Sun, 0100 Pacific Islands Disaster Net
14316.0 USB   Health & Welfare
14320.0 USB   Health & Welfare
14325.0 USB   Hurricane Watch (Amateur-to-National Hurricane Center)
14325.0 (USB)   Hurricane Watch Net
Primary Freq, Amateur and Govt
14327.0 (USB) S 1700/1800 US Coast Guard Amateur Radio Net
14340.0 USB (1900) Louisiana
14340.0 USB (1900) Manana
14340.0 USB   California-Hawaii
14340.0 (USB) M-F 1700 California-Hawaii Net
14340.0 (USB) dy 0400 & 1800 Maritime Emergency Net
14340.0 (USB) M-Sat 1900 Manana Net
15 Meters Nets
21310.0 USB   Health & Welfare (Spanish)
21390.0 USB   Inter-Americas (health & welfare)
21400.0 USB   Transatlantic Maritime
10 Meters Nets
28410.0 USB   New Jersey ARES
28450.0 USB   Health & Welfare (Spanish)

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