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2006 Hamfest Schedule

Posted 01 Nov 2003
Updated 01 Mar 2006

This is a list of Northeast Georgia Area Hamfests and events for 2006. I've included the mileage from Athens, directions, ticket cost and the link for further information.

Date Event Mile $ Info
Jan 14 Greenwood Hamfest
Greenwood, SC
85 $6 9AM-5PM   Flyer
Greenwood Civic Center
Talk-In 147.165 MHz.
ARRL (2nd Sat in Jan)
Feb 4-5 Miami Hamboree
Miami, FL
678 $7? 8AM-4PM
The Fair Expo Center.
Web (1st Sat in Feb)
Feb 10-12 Orlando HamCation
Orlando, FL
453 $10 12PM-7PM, 9AM-6PM, 9AM-1PM
Central Florida Fairgrounds
Web (2nd Sat in Feb)
Feb 25 Dalton Hamfest
Dalton, GA
144 ? 8AM-3PM
North Georgia Fairgrounds.
Talk-In 145.230-
Web (4th Sat in Feb)
Mar 4-5 Memphis DixieFest
Memphis, TN
458 $8? 8:00AM-4PM ** Postponed **
Southaven Expo Center
385 Stateline Road
Southaven, MS.
Mar 11-12 Charlotte Hamfest and Computer Fair
Charlotte, NC
200 $8 8:30AM-5PM, 8:30AM-2:00PM
Independence & Freedom Halls
Charlotte Merchandise Mart
$6 Parking Fee
Mar 18 Kennehoochee Hamfest
Marietta, GA
76 $6 8AM-4PM.
Jim Miller Park, Marietta
Apr 1 Union County ARC Hamfest
Union, SC
158 ? Union County Fairgrounds
Web (1st Sat. in Apr)
Apr 29 Cherokee Capital ARS Hamfest
Calhoun, GA
125 $5 8AM-2PM.
Sugar Valley Community Center
4 Miles NW of Calhoun, GA
Apr 28-29 Southeastern VHF Society
Greenville, SC
105 $40 Embassy Suites Golf Resort and Conference Center
670 Verdae Boulevard
Web (Last Sat. in Apr)
May 6-7
Birmingham, AL
218 $5 9AM-5PM, 9AM-4PM.
Zamora Temple
Web (1st Sat May)
May 6 Upstate (Greenville) Hamfest
Spartanburg, SC
133 $6 8AM-2PM.
Piedmont Interstate Fairgrounds
275 Fairgrounds Road
Web (1st Sat May)
May 13 Heart of Georgia Hamfest
Byron, GA
122 Free Peach Shops at Byron
311 North Highway 49 (off I-75)
Talk-In 145.370- (PL 88.5)
May 19-21 Dayton Hamvention
Dayton, OH
572 $25 +8$ Bus 8AM-6PM, 8AM-5PM, 8AM-1PM
Hara Arena
1001 Shiloh Springs Road
Web (3rd Sat May)
May 20? Anderson (Hartwell) Hamfest
Hartwell, GA
57 Free 8AM-6PM, Sadler's Creek State Park, Lake Hartwell (State of South Carolina now requires $2.00 to enter the park).
(4th Sat in May)
Jun 3? Atlanta Hamfest
Atlanta, GA
76 $5 8AM-2PM.
Jim Miller Park, Marietta.
Jun 24-25 Field Day - Free! 2006 Field Day Rules

Date Event Mile $ Info
Jul 8? Gainesville Hamfest
Gainesville, GA
41 ? 8AM-2PM ** New Location.
"Tailgate Hamfest" at Johnson High School
3305 Poplar Springs Rd, just off of I-985 at Exit 16
(GA 53 / Mundy Mill Rd)
Jul 29? Waynesville Hamfest
Waynesville, NC
185 $6 8AM-4PM
Haywood County Agriculture Center (Hwy 209).
Talk-in 146.91, 147.39, 145.19
Aug 12? Ellijay Free Hamfest
Ellijay, GA
94 Free 7AM-2PM
Gilmer Civic Center
Old Hwy 5 South (S. Main St).
Talk-In 146.985-
Aug 12?? Valdosta Hamfest
Valdosta, GA
244 ? 9AM-5PM
Civic Center
The Valdosta Hamfest, due to lack of Dealer/Vendor response, has changed it's format to "The Valdosta Super Tailgate."
Aug 19-20? Huntsville Hamfest
Huntsville, AL
236 $6 9AM-4:30PM
Von Braun Center
Web (3rd Sat. in Aug.)
Sep 2-3? Shelby Hamfest
Shelby, NC
166 $6 8AM-4PM
Cleveland County Fairgrounds.
ARRL (Labor Day Weekend)
Sep 9 Praters Mill Swapfest
Dallas, GA
95 Free 8AM-2PM.
Praters Mill near Varnell, Ga
Sep 16 Dallas Hamfest
Dallas, GA
95 Free 8AM-2PM.
Paulding Meadows Park
Oct 6-7? Ten-Tec Homecoming Hamfest
Sevierville, TN
181 Free Fri 3-8PM, Sat 9AM-3PM Ten-Tec Factory, 1185 Dolly Parton Parkway. 2 miles east of downtown Sevierville on highway 411 north, across from Sevier County High School.
Oct 7? Cracker Net Annual Covered Dish Picnic
Ellijay, GA
94 Free 9AM-Till.
Ellijay Telephone Company Pavilion on Legion Road
Oct 14? Augusta Hamfest
Augusta, GA
95 ? 9AM-3PM
Evans Middle School
4318 Washington Road.
Talk-In 145.490-
Oct 21? Jacksonville Hamfest
Jacksonville, FL
361 $6 8AM-
Morocco Auditorium
3800 St Johns Bluff Road
Talk-in 146.760
Oct 21? Al Brock Memorial Hamfest
Rome, GA
126 $5 8AM-3PM
Rome Civic Center.
Talk-in 146.34/146.94 PL88.5
Oct 28 Sumter Hamfest And Computer Show
Sumter, SC
210 $6 8AM-4PM
Sumter County Fairgrounds
700 W. Liberty St.
Talk-In 147.015+ PL156.7
ARRL (4th Sat. in Oct.)
Oct 28? Hamfest Chattanooga
Chattanooga, TN
165 $5 8AM-4PM
Camp Jordan Arena Exit 1 off I75
Talk-in 146.790- 444.100+ 224.780-
Oct 28 or Nov 11? BeachFest
Myrtle Beach, SC
294 $5 8AM-2PM ** New Date **
Conway National Guard Armory.
1621 - 16th Avenue.
Talk-In 145.110
Nov 4-5? Stone Mountain Hamfest and Computer Expo
Lawrenceville, GA
38 $8 9AM-5PM
Gwinnett County Fairgrounds
Nov 11? Montgomery Hamfest
Montgomery, AL
225 $5 9AM-3PM
Garrett Coliseum
Talk in 146.84- Ragchew on 147.18+ 146.64- 444.5+
Nov 18-19 Fort Wayne Hamfest and Computer Expo
Fort Wayne , IN
712 $5 9AM-4PM, 9AM-3PM
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum & Exposition Center
$3 Parking Fee

    ? = Unconfirmed or Current Information Not Available

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