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 Engineering Software  (opens in new browser window)
  • Attention Linux users Software listed below and shown as being Linux compatible is likely to be available via your package manager. It's a good idea to check there first for a version optimized for your particular distro.

  • Open Source software What is it? Why should you care? Read all about it here    November 5, 2016
  • AE6TY Ward's software for radio buildersSome UNIX variants and MS-Windows (free)
  • Almost All Digital Electronics Need a digital readout for that new homebrew radio? How about a free MS-Windows program to design that front-end filter? Need an affordable L/C meter to measure those filter elements? This site has great links, too!

    • Notice Neil, a retired Boeing engineer, became a silent key on August 19, 2015 and his web site has been taken down.
    • AADE Filter Design He created and generously offered this useful application as a free download. I believe he would want his program to remain available to radio builders. Therefore, you can obtain it from this site using the link below.
    • AADE Filter Design version 4.42 MS-Windows (free)
    • How to run the AADE Filter Design Program in Linux
  • EAGLE Light PCB design with EAGLE‚Äôs full functionality with sheet, board size and layer limitations Linux, OS X and MS-Windows (free)
  • FreeCAD 3D modeler made to design real-life objects Linux, OS X and MS-Windows (open source & free)
  • gEDA PCB design, schematic, BOM and simulation software Linux and OS X (open source & free)
  • Inkscape Professional vector graphics editor Linux, OS X and MS-Windows (open source & free)
  • KiCad Open Source Electronics Design Automation SuiteLinux, OS X and MS-Windows (open source & free)
  • LC Filter Designer from Coilcraft MS-Windows (free)
  • Linear Technology Download page with useful design software OS X and MS-Windows (free)
  • PyVISA A Python package that controls measurement devices independent of the interface Linux, OS X & MS-Windows (open source & free)
  • Qucs Quite universal circuit simulator  Linux, OS X and MS-Windows (open source & free)
  • Tonne Software A catalog of original and interesting electrical engineering programs  MS-Windows (some free)
 On-Line References  (opens in new browser window)
  • Learning About Electronics Excellent electronics and programming tutorials. Site also has on-line calculators
  • RF Globalnet A great reference for radio builders.
  • KD6CC Roger's Custom Meter Faces
  • NTE Electronics Semiconductor Cross Reference Search
  • QEX The ARRL Experimenter's Exchange
  • Technical Library from Wenzel Associates Excellent tutorials for radio builders.
  • VA3IUL - YO3DAC Iulian's homebrew RF circuit design ideas page. Be sure to check out his home page, too!
  • VE3WGX Bill's index of Ham Radio Magazine articles. Ham Radio was THE magazine for radio builders!
 Parts & Material Sources  (opens in new browser window)  Test & Measurement  (opens in new browser window)
  • EB5AGV Jose's test gear
  • G3PTO - John's homebrew test gear
  • K6LS Phil's RF sampler
  • N9ZIA Homebrew RF test equipment and software    November 12, 2016
  • VE7JPC links for test equipment built by experimenters and hams    November 12, 2016
  • WA2PZO Murray's Science Workshop - Poor Man's Spectrum Analyzer Kits
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