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‘RLD’ Call Ceeper – now available!

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Pictures from Dryden 2004



WOW – Another Great Winterfest, 2004 !

Cormac topped himself once again.

Great conversation, good equipment sales and plenty of food and lubrication.

This year’s magnificent door prize,

a beautifully refurbished Viking l done masterfully by Ray W7GEC,

went to Steve, KL7OF.  Congratulations, Steve!


New Pic from 2004 Winterfest


The NWAM group meets informally on a daily basis at or about 1700 hrs PST on a Frequency of 3870 khz.

On weekends, look for participants to show up on 40 meters between 1200 hrs and 1500 hrs PST on 7290 khz.




------Take a look at the Collins 20V at Jerry’s – K7LFE-----

(Go to the roster and “click” on K7LFE)


‘BNZ Outing 10-13-03

KL7OF Tubeshoot



K7RLD ‘s Collins 20V-3 on the air from Bellevue 10-26-03

Thanks to all who put up with “how does this sound?”

Special thanks to BNZ and GEC who helped get the transmitter

GEC and LFE for getting it going



Last WINTERFEST 2002 – Courtesy of VE7KHZ - Paul (Big Signal from North of the Border)

Pictures from 2003 Winterfest – Courtesy John Ellingson




Current Active AM Roster . . .  to add or complete your station information, contact Mac W7JHS at [email protected]



The purpose of this site is to promote AM activity in the Northwest. There is a lot of interest in various aspects of AM work. Audio – Linear Amplifier building – Broadcast Transmitter rebuilding and Antennas to name just a few. I hope to offer articles written by participants of the group as well as include urls to other sites that may be of interest.


Digital photos are always welcome. I hope to build a collection of all of the OM’s in the group as well as make announcements of interest.


Suggestions are very welcome.




John – K7RLD

mailto :  [email protected]



Interesting Boatanchor Sites . . .


Shure microphone data sheets

Data on old Shure mics like the 55, 55S, 55SH and others


The Society for the Preservation of Antique Radio in Canada


How to use a sweep generator on boatanchors - by Bruce AB7YD

(Great primer for hooking up a sweep generator)


Program to calculate RF and Audio attenuator Pads – by RF Specialties Group

(no viruses attached so you can proceed)


Measuring an IF Filter – by Tony K1KP


Fixing a stuck ceramic trimmer capacitor – Glen Zook K9STH