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‘RLD’ Call Ceeper


Ever had those AM QSO’s where people are checking in and checking out about as fast as water goes through a sieve? It’s difficult, at best, to keep track of everyone and decide who goes next.


The Call Ceeper makes it almost impossible to get confused ever again. Simply place the person’s call onto the magnetic pad. As a person comes into the group, move the other calls up or down and insert the new call. When someone leaves, simply take his call out.



This is the Model A prototype


There are two sizes to chose from. One, Model A, is 3” X 4” with 3/8 ” X 1.5” calls. The other, Model B, has a larger 4” X 6” pad with ˝” X 2” calls.


Price for the Model A  - $4.00 including 25 pre-printed calls and 5 extras


Price for the Model B - $5.00 including 25 pre-printed calls and 5 extras

Package of 10 extra blank call strips is $0.25

Color of magnetic pad will vary.


All prices include pre-paid postage in the US (lower 48 states)

Please allow 14 days delivery from date of order


Include a written list of all calls to be printed or email same.

(Not responsible for spelling errors)


email : [email protected]

addr: K7RLD - 15788 N.E. 4th St. – Bellevue, WA 98008

Check, cash, money order or PayPal accepted (allow 10 days for check to clear bank)