Small in Size but Huge in Fun !

I'm talking about the 2004 Dryden Hamfest

Even though this probably ranks as the show with the least sellers, it brings the hollowed history of Ham Radio back to its roots. Camping is promoted and actual selling out of your vehicle is the order of the day.

Below are some of the pictures taken of the enjoyable time. Attending from both sides of the mountains were: Mac W7JHS, Steve W7BNZ, Jerry KK7BL, Bob KA7WOC, Jimmy K7NQ, Jerry K7LFE, Bob WA7NAN, Greg W7ACM, Clay W7CE and wife Kathleen, Jim W0LU, Ben W7BEN, Darby NY1R, Roy KA7NGT and "Mineral" Dick and his wife and John K7RLD.



... and Buddy aka "the rug"