HB9RU/MTN-Beam on top of FT-817

HB9RU/MTN-Beam für VHF und UHF (german)
DDRR-Antenna for 6m
Magnetic Loop for 6m
28"-Rim Magnetic Loop for 6m
Magnetic Loop for FM Broadcast reception
Magnetic Loop for 160m
Magnetic Loop for 80m - 40m
Magnetic Loop with Capacitive Load for 30-10m
Loop-Control Software
Tandem-Drehko mit Feintrieb
Indoor Multiband Dipole for 40m - 10m
C-Pole Portable Antenna for 20m
Multiband H-Pole Antenna for 160m - 10m
Vertcal Dipole for 40m (and higher)
Buddipole Vertical Dipole for 40m
Capacitive Antennas
Audio Modification for ALINCO DX-77

Link to 5B4AGV (partly german)

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Webcam at my QTH Stein am Rhein:

Stein am Rhein
In the background on the hilltop Hohenklingen Castle
WCA HB-00435, DCS-SH003
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