Remote Control for Magnetic Loop Antennas


This program allows accurate step motor control of magnetic loop antennas.
There are two modes of operation. In manual mode, the loop resonance frequencies are selected manually and in automatic mode, the frequencies are controlled by the transceiver via CAT-Control, using the Omni-Rig Engine by Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA.
Many thanks, Alex!

For calibration, the capacitor positions of the lower and uper band ends and the target frequency are saved for each band. The software calculates the frequency-shift per motor step automatically.

The backlash in the gear is eliminated by always running to the target position from the lower frequency side. The "UP" button tells the step motor to run exactly 1 step up, the "DOWN" button makes the motor go 40 steps down fast and 39 steps up in slow motion, depending on the selected Backloop value in the Setup Menue.

For motor control, either Centronics, RS232 or USB ports can be used, for CAT-Control the RS232 or USB ports.


Manual Control Screen
Step-Motor runs to Target Frequency in Band,
Frequency Steps within Band have to be tuned manually

Automatic Control Screen
Loop controlled by Transceiver, using Omni-Rig.
Step-Motor follows the Rig, e.g. Bands and Frequency Steps within Bands are tuned automatically.

LoopControl Setup Screen
Calibrate Band-Ends and Target Frequency for each Band,
select Port for Motor Control, set Speed and Steps for Backloop,
select Rig and Rig Port Parameters


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See presentation "Loop Control", 31.3.2008, Flughafenrunde. (in German)

Link to Magnetic Loop calculator of DG0KW (in German)