VHF Contest Photo's

This is a selection of photographs of contests I have been involved in with the South of Scotland VHF Group.
I joined in 1978. The group had been formed much earlier, mostly by fellow students of Edinburgh University.
Chris GM3WOJ, Pete GM4BYF, Brian GM4DIJ, Peter GM4DTH, Mike GM4IGS, Alex GM4NFC and
Brian GM8BJF being the earliest members I have knowledge of.
Numerous "guest" operators attended over the years. Besides the above, the regular attendees were:
Ken GM3WCS (now G3WCS),   Jack GM4COX,  Andy GM4IPK (now G4IPK), Nick GM4OGI,
Jim GM4TXX,  Keith GM4YXI and John GM6LNM (now GM0WDF).
We operated from a field on a hill overlooking the Irish Sea on the Mull of Galloway near Drummore.
The locator was XO26e, thereafter IO74np.
After many years of trying, we eventually won the RSGB VHF Field Day. A first for Scotland in the open section.
That year was the first time ever that the new 6m band was included in VHF Field Day.
Following this success, the RSGB VHF Contest Committee immediately dropped 6m from VHF Field Day.
Read into that whatever you like !!!!

Chris GM3WOJ/p consistantly won the 4m sections of VHF Field Day with this 14el Yagi.

A small 6m beam is mounted alongside to check on Sporadic E conditions.

GM4BYF/P dish for 23cms can be seen in the distance

Peter GM4BYF and George GM4COK put the 23cm dish together, with

Robin GM4YPL and Brian GM4DIJ looking on with interest !

Jack GM4COX and Keith GM4YXI operating GM4CXM/P on 144 Mhz

South of Scotland VHF Group & Warrington Club Combined VHF FD Station

Pictured here are the 2 systems of 4 x 16 elements for the 2m band.