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Great Lakes Amateur Radio Rovers A ham radio club dedicated to operating Field Day, special event and contest stations from interesting places.

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Read About Past Events:

GLARR members have had a lot of fun over the last two years. Since our founding in 1996, we have operated from some very interesting locations. We always try to set up in a public area where one member is assigned to answer questions about ham radio and give out literature.

NOTE: Follow the links below for descriptions of the Field Days, special event stations and contests we have operated:


  • Our inaugural event was Ham Radio Field Day aboard the S.S. Badger, the last coal-fired steamship still operating on the Great Lakes.

  • The telegraph office in the depot of the Huckleberry Railroad at Crossroads Village.

    Our first Membership Banquet, where we were persented with the ARRL Affilliated Club certificate.

  • Boy Scouts Jamboree On The Air.

  • November Sweepstakes.

  • Christmas at the Detroit Model Railroad Club.



  • National Library week from the Millington Township Library.

  • ARRL Field Day.

  • With the Confederate Air Force B24 and B29 bombers at Bishop International Airport.

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