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Microwave sites

G3PHO - brilliant site for anyone interested in 1000MHz +
G4DDK - Sam's microwave site
G4KNZ - an up to date list of Amateurs interested in Microwaves
G8ACE -  76 GHz and stable LO sources for microwave
VK5KK - Well anyone would go portable in that weather!
Mitsubishi Gasfet data sheets
K2AH -  home of some serious 1296 and 10 GHz metalwork!
WA1MBA - Tom's microwave site
VE7DLH - Ken's site with loads of links

Other useful/interesting sites

Site which calculates the sun's az and el at any stated location at intervals through the day.  Great for microwave dish alignment.
UK mapping site which uses OS Landranger maps  (you know, the pink ones) for the 25,000 and 50,000 zooms.  Great for site spotting!
Even better UK mapping site which gives you the 12-digit OS reference from the cursor position and Lat and Long to WGS84 datum.
Ever wondered about the night sky and what you are seeing?  Or do you just want to see the ISS...then this is the site to go to.    
Radio Caroline - Definitely for the over 40s, not some much useful as nostalgic!
Satmaster software, does link budget preparation, sun outage prediction and satellite antenna aiming  for geo-satellites. Free demo available. Well worth a visit.
3 websites aimed at the professional RF engineer but full of useful data
Buckmasters call list - I know everyone has it listed but it is useful!    
William Hepburn's tropo ducting forecasting site.  A live on line forecast for where ducts may occur on VHF and UHF - interesting , but does it work?      
Power to microwave to db chart - most useful
ePanorama - links to a host of electronics related sites    
DIY electronics - yet another general electronics links page      
List of interesting mods to various rigs
G6VLB's site with AO40 info etc...
I've just got an FT817 as a microwave IF - so here are a few pages of interest to 817 owners

Useful software 

Excellent, very detailed radio path mapping software, well worth getting to know.    
G8DJU's site with lots of mapping/path plotting software
Very comprehensive ham radio software site with antennae and propagation sections.
David Taylor's site with good weather satellite and audio tools   
Interesting stuff including CLI program for the PC and satellite tracking program with auto Kelperian  updates from the internet.    
Bob Frith's site for Polar plot - excellent s/w for getting the polar plot of your beams.
Gartrip - designed as GPS software but useful for  accurate datum changes - Lat and Long to NGR etc

General amateur Radio indexes

UHF listing by WZ1V$userdata/faculty/newsvhf/www/vhf-www.html
ON6DV - Enormous amateur radio and electronics links list    
German Ham radio gateway

Frequency lists

UK frequency band allocations - pages and pages of info, DC to light!
More detailed UK list
World wide Satellite transponder charts
European Beacon list from G3PHO    
UK microwave video link charts JFMG web site

Satellites - Amateur and weather   

John Silver's site with loads of practical information on weather satellites etc   
Very good site for links on Amateur and weather satellites   
Marius Rensen's site with HF Fax and WX sat info and links    
Paul Hayes' wx sat with full details on the QFH aerial   

Useful suppliers  

Even basic components are becoming hard to get hold.   The suppliers listed here may be able to help.

BAREND HENDRIKSEN  ELECTRONICS - RF & special components including an 800MHz spectrum analyser kit.     
Diverse components - Southampton.  Stock range includes electronic components new, old and hard to find test equipment etc
Cooke international - Test equipment supplier  
Harrison Electronics - general component stockists         

Microwave equipment and kits

RSGB microwave component service - Useful stuff like 10GHz multipliers etc
1 watt 13 cms Amplifiers
DL2AM - some interesting power amps etc
Down East Microwave - seems to be the place in the USA for microwave bits
DB6NT - Kuhne microwave
GH Engineering - Grant's company who make big PAs for 23cm without the need for 1,000 volt PSUs!
G1MFG - No list is complete without Giles -  23 and 13cm tx and rx modules!
Wyzcom -ATV supplier in Northern Ireland             
PE1CMO - 10 GHz multipliers etc http:/
Blackboxcamera - PIC based video character generator, as reviewed in CQTV 192.  Interesting site with various "projects"        

GH Engineering - Grant's company who make big PAs for 23cm without the need for 1,000 volt PSUs!
RSE Electronics in Belgium       

Search engines

Alta Vista - the best

ATV stations on 10Ghz 

A list of active 10 GHz ATV stations with web sites.  If you are not listed, email me.

Call sign/comments Web site email
G1HIA - Phil, Bristol area        
G7JTT - John, Southampton, UK     
PA3GCO - details on high power Blue Cap LNB transmitters.  
PE1CEO   [email protected]
PE1PSJ - Arne   [email protected]
PE1DCD - contact via PE1PSJ    
G4NJJ - Peter, Kings Lynn.  Site updated with really good section on "how to get going on 10GHz ATV".    
The record we will be attempting to beat in 2001 - but how?  
Alberto - IK8UIF.  Beware the annoying music!     
VK3TMS and VK3JDG - Melbourne Australia

G3RFL - John, Clevedon      

Other ATV stations on the web


G1LWX - Mike, Ashton in Makerfield       
G8LES - Four Marks, UK  with the UKRS ATV page
G3KTU - Tony, Bournemouth, UK
G8XEU - Robin, including PC-ATV shareware testcards


S51KQ - Site full of ideas, links  and h/w + s/w modules for ATV repeaters etc
ON9CJX - Full details of amateur Teletext generator      
PE1ORZ - in Dutch
IK1HGI - Aerials for 1.3 and 2.4 GHz   
F1LXL - in French   
ON9CJX - simple 3 chip teletext genrator     

New Zealand

ZL1VFO - Good site with technical articles on Nicam and Teletext   


HB9AFO -  good site with  up to date articles  

Lists of other ATV stations

List of Dutch ATV amateurs
List of ATV stations outside Holland
List of Swiss/French ATV stations

ATV repeater group sites


Severnside repeater group
GB3EN - North London
GB3YT - Yorkshire
GB3HV - Tom Brady's site with  info about UK ATV repeaters
GB3TB - Torbay
Worthing repeater group
SCART repeater group in Southampton            
Kent TV repeater group   


PI6ALK - Dutch repeater with o/p on Eutelsat


WB7FID - UTAH.  One of the best repeater sites I've found to date.  Loads of info and technical articles including "how to guess a P grade!"
N2SMT - New Jersey.  Interesting site (www and aerials at 350 feet!)
KC6CCC - Santiago.
W6YX - Palo Alto, California.  2.4GHz output and what a site!


F1ZEN - Pen Ar Bed country, Brittany.  Some technical articles and circuits.

New Zealand

Auckland TV repeater group - Very interesting pages   


VK3RTV - Melbourne Australia   

Lists of ATV repeaters 

Most include call sign and frequency etc

Excel spreadsheet listing all UK repeaters, including new proposals, showing frequency and location etc. Also calculates bearing and distance from any QRA which you enter.   
List of all Dutch repeaters including TV
List of German ATV repeaters
List of Belgian TV repeaters
UK repeater management committee (RMC) site with lists of all UK repeaters.
List of all Eire repeaters including ATV
Links to most lists for most European countries - I have not checked them all for ATV!
List of French ATV repeaters

ATV organisations

AGAF - German ATV society
British Amateur TV club
Swiss ATV society
Rheinland ATV group
Irish ATV society
USA ATV society

ATV link lists

Other lists like this!

USA ATV site with world repeater list etc.   

German ATV link list
DARC link list - ATV plus radio and electronics
The DX zone ATV listing - good search engine listing for ATV

ATV projects

A selection of TV related home build projects I've found on the web.

Video projects

PIC cross hatch generator by Dave Woodhouse
BATC CQ-TV site with various PIC projects including PIC DREAMS and the basic repeater controller by G6WJJ.  (Note: there is now a version of the 2 chip repeater controller available with on board audio oscillator - contact me for details)
Misc projects including sync detector and base band processing
Daniel Jones PIC based character generator and clock  

1.3 GHz projects

List of articles found by G1MFG including plate aerials

2.3 GHz projects

Easy build helical aerial for 2.4 GHz           
OH2AUE "S band " page with useful 1.2 and 2.3GHz projects  
QFH aerial for 2.3 GHz   
WK8L pages with 2.3 GHz coffee tin aerials   
IK8UIF - 2.3 GHz, PLLs,  downconvertors and transmitters

10 GHz projects

PA3GCO - details on high power Blue Cap LNB transmitters.
IK8UIF - Cambridge LNB 60 mw tx , a single transistor 100 mwatt and a 2 transistor 1 watt amp design
A collection of links to other 10 GHz project pages


A site with loads of data sheets and RF projects for VHF transmitters including an RDS encoder?!   
Things you can do with your PC sound card

Other useful ATV sites

An interesting video related site
The USA have woken to using 2.4 GHz video senders for ATV!               
Good site explaining the basics of  MPEG-2  and DVB digital video compression, modulation and transmission.
G3ZDM's site explaining MPEG2 and DVB
Melbourne repeater technical pages with P grade picture guide, dBm to watts conversion chart and camera pinouts    
HB9AFO site listing portable ATV activity

"Commercial" sites selling ATV equipment 

See below for general microwave suppliers


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