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Aug Sept 2010


The ATV User's Group is a subgroup of the Auckland VHF Group, Club call ZL1BQ, compromising of persons interested in the transmission and reception of Amateur Television.

ATV group Monthly meeting information The group has informal meeting at a member's QTH every last Sunday of the month. See AVHF group Spectrum magazine for more information or contact Mike ZL1ABS or call on 147.4 MHz anytime.

Amateur TV allocations in NZ. New Zealand has an Amateur allocation in the 615 MHz band which is Channel E39 (European system).
[For readers outside New Zealand, we use PAL-B 625 line, 5.5 MHz sound offset.]
Several Radio clubs around ZL run low powered TV (repeater) transmitters on this channel.
It is important to foster experimentation and technical skills of Amateurs using different modes.

The Auckland VHF Group TV repeater (run by the User's Group) transmits 24 hours on Channel 39
consisting of a 'teletext' generator giving pages of interest which cycles through up to 64 pages
with general information on local radio clubs and repeaters as well as general interest. A second fixed pattern
can be seen between cycles of teletext pages.

The Hut where the repeater is located (elevn 320m asl) The antenna arrays (12m pole)


Whitford Site Piks! (elev 200 m asl)

Note Whitford site is not operational at present.

The greater Auckland region

ZL ATV Band plans as used in Auckland

Diagram of Repeater


Pictures and information gifs provided by ZL1WTT, ZL1VFO,ZL3VTV and ZL1QF.

News from ATV activity from ZL is occasionaly published, via Mike ZL1ABS, in CQ-TV magazine of the
BATC, British Amateur TV Club. Also ATV-Quarterly.

Further information is on the Auckland VHF Group page.
For more info about Amateur Radio in NZ(ZL) see NZART

Get into Amateur Radio and have fun!
73, ATV Users Group.


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