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 The transmission of SSTV leaves us with a few factors we Must consider,SSTV is a 100% duty cycle mode and to transmit pictures with the rigs full output is asking for a repair bill for new PA transistors at least Be Warned !

 If you run 50 watts or so on a normal HF Rig , however all should be OK . Some folks fit an extra cooling fan blowing cold air on the rigs heat sink .

 My personal choice is to use a Linear and run about ten watts from the rig and let the linear take the strain.

I  tend to use the high definition PD 290 second modes when conditions allow that�s almost five minutes to send a picture as against the 140 odd of Martin mode one , the picture size however is larger, and very near photograph quality if free from QRM

The sstv �tones � from the computer definitely need attenuating before putting to your rig for transmission and you will need to ensure the rig accepts the signals and transmits them with minimum distortion ,This can be fairly difficult to achieve but is essential.

 The control of RF break into the computer is another problem and the cure is usually to make sure the Microphone is electrically disconnected whilst sending sstv and to adequately screen all leads (keep em short also ) and use ferrite ring filters when and where needed

Currently I use a home built relay type switching interface to achieve isolation

 In UK the commonest mode used is Martin one , but Scottie one and Scottie DX are used in USA a lot .

 As mentioned the PD modes are a little special and are not available in all sstv software .

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