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Portable Operating
G4AON Universal Receiver
G4AON Companion Transmitter
Audio CW Filter using SMD parts
Simple vertical antennas
6m quad antennas
6m J-Pole antenna
Simple spectrum analyser
Radio Mods
PA0RDT Active Antenna


This site includes pages that may be of interest to fellow radio amateurs. In particular the SSB Transmitter and Companion Receiver are modular and come with several circuits and board layouts that can be used in other projects. For easy "weekend" projects there is the PA0RDT active antenna, also there are 6m antennas that are easy to make in a home workshop and some ideas on HF vertical antennas too.

Note, since writing the pages for the Universal Receiver, Companion and SSB TX, the synth kits from both Cumbria Designs and SDR Kits are no longer available. Also the PA module kits from QRPproject! are not available as they have ceased trading.

New My distribution amplifier project from the GQRP Sprat magazine is available as a zip file here

There is a new item under "Radio Mods", it is an ALC -Ve Voltage board to fix a problem with my IC-7300 on 4m SSB.

If you find the site useful, please send me an e-mail. Details can be found on my entry on QRZ.com

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