OIK History

Active mainly in the early days from a tractor but also running CW skeds to Peter in Sweden SM6KFY and AM top band with a DX100U and an HRO Rx. One time committee member of DDRC (Dunstable Downs Radio Club). Since the early 2000s have not been very active at all, but recently (latter part of 2014) my passion for the hobby has been re-ignited. Thanks to Steve now recently licenced with his intermediate licence of 2E0MMY.

Now an active member of the Verulam Amateur Radio Club and running as contest organser for the club. Can be found on GB3VH (70cm repeater) some weekday mornings walking the dog, playing PSK with Peter in Sweden and on the CW club sked on Sunday evening on 28.040 from 20.30 local time. Looking to build some aerials over the winter months.

Audio - Local interest

Verulam Amateur Radio Club promotional segment that is being aired on Verulam Radio on 92.6 FM.

Sandringham School and the ISS VARC (Verulam Club) were closely involved with the much publicised link up between Sandringham School in StAlbans and the International Space Station. After the event our Chairman at VARC David Thomas G4HHJ was interviewed on the local radio station in St Albans. Recorded on the 14th Jan’ 2016, here’s the recording of that interview…

VARC Varulam Radio Interview with Peter G4HSO and Roger M0RBK

The Bletchley Girls Code Breakers