For licensed Radio ‘hams', EchoLink® software opens up new possibilities for communicating around the world with other Radio Amateurs.  Your PC links you or your local repeater to any of thousands of other stations over the Internet. There are now in 2010 EchoLink® applications for iPhone and Android mobile telephone users to connect to other Radio Amateurs worldwide, my own node number is 3116 for G0ISW.

 Operator: Philip

QTH: Penrith/The Lake District/Cumbria/IO84OQ

 EchoLink Node: 3116 at home or G0ISW/M using iPhone Worldwide!


There are several different ways you can use the EchoLink software. You can set up a "simplex link" in your shack, with a VHF or UHF transceiver connected to your PC, to allow anyone in range of your station to communicate by voice with any other EchoLink station around the world in over 150 different Countries.

Or, you can use the PC's microphone and speakers and remotely connect to any of more than 2,000 different Amateur Radio repeaters.


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I have previously held 2 Notices of Variation (NoV) to my amateur radio licence which then permitted me to operate an unattended internet/radio link on 145.337.5 MHz FM from Penrith, NW England, IO84OQ using the callsign MB7ISW. (Note in 2010 this callsign is now apparently in use by another Radio Amateur and in a different location)

I used a ULI board together with EchoLink software, my Yaesu FT-8800 transceiver and a Colinear aerial at 10m agl, 150m asl, output 10 watts. Not only is it possible to connect via my link to other VHF/UHF repeaters/links around the World, but it is also possible to connect to and use HF stations in the USA.

I used CW Player 3.0.2 software to generate the CW ID needed by EchoLink and use my computers 'Sound recorder' to save the output as the necessary id.wav file. I also use Neospeech 'Kate' or 'Paul' Text to Speech voices for the node information and other audio files.  For additional features I use EchoTime TTS Plus with EchoLink. The router is a wireless D-Link DSL 604+ with a Belkin 54g wireless card in the laptop computer in my radio shack, running under Windows XP home edition.

N.B. As of 12th February 2006, I have decided that I can no longer maintain the MB7ISW internet link from 0800-2000hrs daily due to suffering from self induced QRM, which prevents me from operating my normal weak signal VHF work on 144MHz SSB at the same time as the link is active. Also I cannot use my soundcard for my other major interest of psk31 on HF. There are now 2 other local EchoLink enabled stations in my area, so it is unlikely that MB7ISW will be operational again.


  Old MB7ISW Internet Gateway until 2006

Internet Gateway Directory - Available Here
Link Callsign MB7ISW
Licensee Philip G0ISW
Location Penrith, Cumbria, UK
Reference [NGR] NY53 [QRA Locator] IO84OQ
Link Software EchoLink  V1.9.890  

Band & Status

2 Metres
Frequency (MHz) 145.3375
Callsign MB7ISW
CTCSS (Hz) 77.0
PC S/ware EchoLink
Node No.  50200

 (Now transferred to G0ISW)

Coverage 2m Map
Aerial Colinear
Power ERP 10 dBW
Operating times Closed Down in 2006

For a printable Microsoft Word document showing the MB7ISW command list and

radio users DTMF short codes, please right click the red button below and select 'Save Target as'.


Description of Command or Function DTMF
Connect Connects to an Amateur Radio station on the Internet, based on its node number.  Simply enter its 4, 5 or 6 digit number. number
Selects any available node at random, and tries to connect to it. 00
Selects an available link or repeater (-L or -R) at random, and tries to connect to it. 01
Selects a conference server at random, and tries to connect to it. 02
Disconnect Disconnects the station that is currently connected, clears down the Gateway.

 Please disconnect after you finish.

Play Info Plays a brief ID or Station Callsign message. *
Status Announce Callsigns of each station currently connected. 08
RSGB News RSGB News Bulletin *60*
WWV report Latest WWV solar conditions report *99*
Current local weather Current local weather 99*
Random favourite node Select a random favourite node of MB7ISW. This is good if you can't remember any other numbers 'Commander Bond'! 007
Weather forecast Weather forecast 44*
Information Information file, commands etc. 88*
EchoLink Test Server Check your transmitted audio 9999

These DTMF Commands are subject to change as new functions are added.


Time in 'Minutes : Seconds'

Transmit Time Limit  5 minutes  [Will then drop TX from local RF user]
Receive Hang Time 5 seconds [For local RF users because of VOX limitations]


The table below shows 2 digit short code DTMF commands, which were unique to MB7ISW and for use by Radio access locally to the link. Due to the constant changes in EchoLink with nodes being active, or not, it will not be possible for this listing to be guaranteed and may differ from that shown. The long codes for nodes never change and are available here . This table was last updated on Saturday 14th January 2006.

DTMF Call Location DTMF Call Location
10 WB2KAO-R Rochester, NY 20 OK1OGA-L Prague
11 KB8HTU-L West Point, Ohio 21 DB0SHA-R Hanover
12 WB6BJM-R Hollywood, CA 22 EI2AIR-L Meath
14 KG4GAK-R Tampa, FL 24 EA6QJ-L Cala Millor, E. Majorca
15 WH0ABP-R Saipan Island 25 HB9UF-R Mt. Pilatus
16 AC0Y-R Walt Disney World, FL 26 EB6WQ-L Majorca
17 VE6BZ-R Calgary, Canada 27 SM2VBK-R Arctic Repeaters
18 WR6AVM-R Honolulu, Hawaii 28 PA1HH-R Amsterdam
19 W2YMM-R Long Island, NY 29 IK0YYY-R Rome & Vatican City
DTMF Call Location DTMF Call Location
30 A47RS-R Muscat, Oman 40 CE2CQB-R Chile
31 4Z4IZ-R Haifa, Israel 41 V21RW-R Antigua
32 VR2HAM-L Hong Kong 42 HI8NXP-R Dominican republic
33 5B8BE-R Limassol, Cyprus 43 P43W-R Aruba
34 VU2NRO-R Hyderabad, India 44 9Z4FZ-L Trinidad
35 6M0KK-R Korea 45 HK3AVR-R Bogotá, Colombia
36 JA6NKA-R Kagoshima, Japan 46 V44KM-R St. Kitts
37 YI1IRQ-L Baghdad, Iraq 47 PJ2BR-R Curacao
38 OD5SX-R Beirut 48 OA4CN-R Lima, Peru
39 S21RB-L Dhaka, Bangladesh 49 J73CI-R Dominica
DTMF Call Location DTMF Call Location
50 ZS5HAM-R New Germany, South Africa 60 VK2RNC-R Newcastle
51 4X4ARC-R Tel Aviv 61 ZL3CAR-R Christchurch, NZ
52 ZS2GMT-R   62 VK4AKA-R Sunshine Coast
53 CN8BD-L Rabat, Morocco 63 VK7ZCR-R Tasmania
54 ZS4MW-R Ladybrand, South Africa 64 ZL1ROT-R Rotorua, NZ
55 CU7CRA-L Azores 65 WH0ABP-R Saipan Island
56 9H1IA-L Malta 66 KH2INC-L Guam island
57 EB8CAZ-L Lanzarote 67 VK4PKT-R Brisbane
58 ZS6FCS-R Pretoria, South Africa 68 ZL1VK-R New Zealand
59 ZS2CLI-R East London, South Africa 69 AH2DX-R Guam Island
DTMF Call Location DTMF Call Location
70 GB3IR-R Richmond, N.Yorks 80 KL1X 'Laurence', Oklahoma
71 GB3WO-R West Oxfordshire 81 JA6NKA 'Massy', Kagoshima
72 GU6EFB-L Guernsey 82 KD5NCX 'Jon', Texas
73 GJ4CBQ-L Jersey 83 ON2ARP 'Ronny', Antwerp
74 MB7IBS-L Bristol 84 N1QVC 'Leroy', Conneticut
75 GB3CG-R Cheltenham 85    
76 GB3HH-R Buxton, Derbyshire 86 M0JKQ 'Chris', Appleby
77 GB3LV-R North London 87 G0MDV 'Mark', Penrith
78 GB3UB-R Bath 88 G4PZN 'Barney', Penrith
79 GB3ND-R Bideford, Devon 89 G7DEG 'Rhys' Shap



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