ISS SSTV Event Diplom

Rules and Process

The issuer of the award is the FB Group SDR EVERYWHERE

To apply for the ISS SSTV diploma, please fill out this form and upload at three received images which must be 70% recognizable. Receive call, station name and locator should be integrated in the picture etc (see description SETUP RXSSTV). If the requirements are not met, no diploma will be issued.

Acceptance of diploma applications completed. Not possible anymore!

After a few days you can download your diploma here

Diploma form

Download Diploma

Expedition 67 - ARISS Series 20 Women in Space  11 to 13 April 2022.

Submit SSTV pictures only until April 15th, 2022. After that, no more will be accepted

RXSSTV Setup for Diploma

RXSSTV Download

Download RXSSTV


In order to fully comply with the rules, to ease and expedite applications and to minimize workload to the processing committee please, in RX-SSTV check or uncheck the options as in the example given below.

Main recommended settings are:

1. Use UTC time.

2. Save pictures in JPG format, with compression at 85%.

3. Embed Date/Time/Call (TimeStamp) with the following items as in the 



Include SSTV mode

Include FSK-ID (call)

Enter your Callsign and locator

Add Comment to Picture with your call and grid locator.

4. Checklist before uploading the images

ISS used to transmit SSTV images in PD-180 until 2016 and afterwards in PD-120. Both have 640 x 496 pixels. Make sure the picture has this format. If not, it's probably not PD-180/120.

Files should be .JPG format.

Time should be in UTC.

Timestamp should be enabled and included

Date and Time



Grid Locator

Pictures should have at least 70% readability.

No duplicate images