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Self-sufficient station on the most beautiful island in Norway

My self-sufficient station for recording weather satellites and for other radio applications on the island Hamnøya in northern Norway. The energy for the station is obtained purely from natural resources such as wind and sun. Another special feature of this location is that images of Noaa and Meteor are received up to the North Pole and beyond.  You see this very rarely.

The island Hamnøya is part of the Vevelstad Kummune. Further information can be found under the following links:

Self-sufficient station

Location: JP65EQ North Norway Sør-Helgeland

New News!

The news has already spread to the USA that fantastic weather satellite images are received from the island of Hamnøya  to the north pole with an environmentally friendly ground station. These are very rare satellite images that are very rare to find. See the article by Carl Reinemann

Another report from RTL SDR about the self-sufficient station

All current weather satellite images from my self-sufficient station on Hamnöya can be viewed on my Twitter account. Furthermore, I provide an archive here where all recordings can be viewed or downloaded

Facebook groups for weather satellite reception

APT Group

SDR Everywhere

It is important to know that only the pictures with the location number JP65EQ on Twitter come from the self-sufficiency station on Hamnøya . The other pictures with the location number JN49LW come from my second station in Germany. For a full view of the current images, click on my Twitter account.