Raspberry Pi Image for HAMs and SWLs by DC9DD

I hope you like the finished images and it will make it easier for you to get started. It was a lot of work to put these structures together, as a small thank you you can buy us a coffee via PayPal https://ko-fi.com/malaone so that we stay fit and motivated for the next updates, which we will of course also make available to you will. Since these projects are in the final stages of development, not everything is 100% as you would like it to be, so we are very happy about any feedback.

There is no support available for the individual programs, so you have to inform and read something yourself !! 

Tested with Raspberry Pi 4/400. With older models, the image may not work. But of course you can try it out.

SD card size: minimum 32 GB better 64 GB ( https://amzn.to/3hidzw0 )

Creator : Jochen Köster DC9DD

Image Download:

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Hamberry Image

Boatberry Image

In Progress!

Raspberry Noaa V2 Edition 2023 

Noaa and Meteor Image

Raspberry Noaa V2 Edition 2023

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