Details for all Yagis 1-El.-50Ohm 2-El.-28Ohm 3-El.-28+50Ohm
4-El.-50Ohm (0,76m) 4-El.-28Ohm (0,76m) 4-El.-28Ohm (0,82m) 4-Ele.-28-Ohm (1,00m)
5-Ele.-28+50-Ohm (1,50m)  5-Ele.-28-Ohm (1,80m) 5-(6)-Ele.-28-(50)-Ohm (2,00m) 6-El.-28-Ohm (2,40m)
6-El.-28-Ohm (2,60m) 7-Ele.-28+50Ohm (3,00m) 7-Ele.-28-Ohm (3,30m) 8-Ele.-28-Ohm (4,35m)

5-Element-28-Ohm-Yagi (1,80-m-Boom)

Gain 8,9 dBd       F/B 20 dBd     Boom 1,80 m      Broadband-version

Stacking distance 2,20 m

Short data for the Yagi at the begin, in the middle part and at the end of the band

Plot with the NEC-II-reference of YO7.23 by K6STI

The meaning of the data :

Frequency, gain, F/R, radiation resistance (impedance), SWR and loss against a theoretical defined maximum- gain-Yagi with the given boomlength. Remember that this gain is only available with very low impedance and extrem low bandwidth! The red line shows the profile of the element currents.

Elementlengths, Radiator always 10mm diameter! 

Diameter Refl Rad (10 mm) Dir 1 Dir 2 Dir 3
Position 0 mm 350 mm 710 mm 1295 mm 1780 mm
Elements 10 mm 1022 mm 962 mm 919 mm 914 mm 885 mm
Elements 8 mm 1022 mm 961 mm 926 mm 922 mm 893 mm
Elements 6 mm 1024 mm 961 mm 934 mm 929 mm 901 mm