Details for all Yagis 1-El.-50Ohm 2-El.-28Ohm 3-El.-28+50Ohm
4-El.-50Ohm (0,76m) 4-El.-28Ohm (0,76m) 4-El.-28Ohm (0,82m) 4-Ele.-28-Ohm (1,00m)
5-Ele.-28+50-Ohm (1,50m)  5-Ele.-28-Ohm (1,80m) 5-(6)-Ele.-28-(50)-Ohm (2,00m) 6-El.-28-Ohm (2,40m)
6-El.-28-Ohm (2,60m) 7-Ele.-28+50Ohm (3,00m) 7-Ele.-28-Ohm (3,30m) 8-Ele.-28-Ohm (4,35m)

4-El.-28-Ohm-Yagi (0,76m-Boom) 


  Gain 6,3dBd  

F/B >20dB

    Boom 0,76m   

Stacking distance 1,70m


Very uncritical broadband version! Newcomers should have no problems and should be successful  in building this antenna. 


Elementlengths for 4, 6, 8 and 10mm 

Diameter Reflector  Radiator  Director 1  Director 2 
4mm 1033mm 1004mm 960mm 888mm
6mm 1031mm 998mm 951mm 876mm
8mm 1030mm 994mm 944mm 866mm
10mm 1030mm 990mm 937mm 857mm


Reflector Radiator Director 1 Director 2
0mm 180mm 335mm 755mm

Details of the radiator and the element-mounting with 6mm-elements

Cheap and simple solution of Andi, DK6FX:

Plotted patterns for a single Yagi

2 Yagis stacked with a distance of 1,70m (gain without losses by EZNEC +4)

In practise you can expect 9,1dBd gain for the 4 over 4