Details for all Yagis 1-El.-50Ohm 2-El.-28Ohm 3-El.-28+50Ohm
4-El.-50Ohm (0,76m) 4-El.-28Ohm (0,76m) 4-El.-28Ohm (0,82m) 4-Ele.-28-Ohm (1,00m)
5-Ele.-28+50Ohm (1,50m)  5-Ele.-28-Ohm (1,80m) 5-(6)-Ele.-28-(50)-Ohm (2,00m) 6-El.-28-Ohm (2,40m)
6-El.-28-Ohm (2,60m) 7-Ele.-28+50Ohm (3,00m) 7-Ele.-28-Ohm (3,30m) 8-Ele.-28-Ohm (4,35m)


Version 1 (144-146MHz)

(Version 2 for SSB see down)



Gain 4,3dBd, F/B 14dB, Boom 210mm, director mounted with Polyamid-clamp



If the radiator is mounted vertically 480mm in front of a metal support as shown in the picture , the gain is 5dBd at 23dB F/B. First correct the length of the radiator for best SWR, then change the distance to the support, if SWR not <1,2

Radiator (10mm) Director (10mm) Distance Rad-Dir Distance rad-mast
1002mm 918mm 210mm 480mm
Elevation plot of the 2-Element- Yagi, mounted vertically 480mm in front of a metal support (as shown in the photo above).

Gain 5dBd, F/B 23dB

Azimuth plot of the vertically polarized 2-Element-Yagi

Plots for free space without mounting in front of a metal support (or horizontally polarized with a vertical support), radiator and director are a little bit longer

Radiator (10mm) Director (10mm) Distance Rad-Dir
1010mm 920mm 210mm


2-Element-28Ohm-Yagi (144,3MHz SSB)



Stacking distance for two 2-Element-Yagis must be 1,70m


Element-Positions (drill-holes)

Rad D1
0mm 210mm


  Gain 3dB hor 3dB ver
1x2-El 4,4dBd 68,2 131,8
2x2-El 8,0dBd 68,6 34,6

Very important: The elements lengths are different for a single Yagi and the stacked version. The interaction between the two antennas results in complete other lengths!

You cannot prove one Yagi of the stacked version alone, they must be assembled as stacked array with 1,70m distance (no less, no more!).

Element-Lengths for using as a single Yagi

  Rad  D1 
6mm 1016mm 938mm 
8mm 1013mm 930mm

Element-Lengths for using as a 2x stacked Yagi-group

  Rad  D1 
6mm 1011mm 946mm 
8mm 1008mm 938mm