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Let's face it - most radio scanners or amateur radio transmitters that you purchase are of pretty good quality and have the features, bells and whistles that you long for.  As I browse message boards about the common problems that users have with their radios, I have found that most user manuals are poorly written or worse yet, written in a language that is so technical that users are not able to understand it.

Well, thank goodness for the Internet.  And thank goodness for people like me who love to tinker with radios and explore solutions to peoples problems.  What lacks is the fact that there are no instruction guides that guide you, the user, in a "step-by-step" process that is required when programming your radios.  I find that users often "miss a step" and then get all frustrated because they can't get their radios to work properly.  Believe me, people need all the help that they can use.  And when they found a resource so useful that they invite their friends over to actually see, then my job as the 'radio tester' guy has been fulfilled.

My job is simple -- to get you on your way to monitoring you favorite trunked radio system as quickly as possible.  A lot of hard work and effort has gone into the testing and writing of these documents.  I would appreciate it if every effort is made to keep these documents whole with me as the original author.  Of course,  it doesn't hurt that these documents are copyrighted and therefore protected by U.S. law and international treaties governing intellectual property.  Except for personal use, no part of this work may be reproduced in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without prior permission of the author.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts with me.

Programming Guides Available
Adobe Acrobat reader is required to access these files.

 > Radio Shack Pro-92 Step-By-Step EDACS Programming Guide
(PDF Format, Size: 64 KB, Posted 5 September 2005)

 > Radio Shack Pro-96 Step-By-Step EDACS Programming Guide
(PDF Format, Size: 65 KB, Posted 5 September 2005)

 > Radio Shack Pro-97 Step-By-Step EDACS Programming Guide
(PDF Format, Size: 130 KB, Posted 5 September 2005)

 > Radio Shack Pro-97 Step-By-Step LTR Programming Guide
(PDF Format, Size: 128 KB, Posted 5 September 2005)

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