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This archive for 2005 lists the past items of interest to the general amateur radio community in Hawaii.

Scenario for 2005 SET, Saturday Oct 1 9:00 - 11:00 am

Oct 2005

The scenario for Saturday's Simulated Emergency Net (SET) has changed. Originally, the scenario called for a recovery from a simulated hurricane. With the rainstorms that are the remnants of Tropical Disturbance Kenneth now in the vicinity of the main Hawaiian Islands, there is a possibility for confusion of the simulated emergency messages with actual, live messages related to the rainstorm. Confusion may also occur with the general public that may not be listening carefully to the radio traffic.

For SET 2005, the NCS will open SET as usual, taking check-ins, and announce the change in scenario from post-hurricane recovery. The new scenario is monitoring the actual rainstorm activity and passing reports of weather and ground conditions in ARRL Radiogram form to the NCS.

For SET 2005, compose ARRL Radiograms, addressed to the NCS (ie, State RACES NCS, OCDA RACES NCS, Healthcomm NCS, etc) and report weather and ground conditons. Please add your name and callsign for the signature block. Messages during this period counts as net traffic for SET. As time permits, NCS or other stations may send test messages to you.

Operations is expected to start at 9:00 am on these frequencies. There may be other frequencies that will be hosting SET 2005 nets.

  • SCD: 147.02/147.04/147.06 Mhz FM; 7.088 Mhz LSB
  • OCDA: 146.88 Mhz FM
  • Healthcomm: 147.22 Mhz FM

Depending on conditions, Skywarn may operate on 147.02/147.04/147.06 at the :00 and :30 of the hour, and on 146.88 at :15 and :45 on the hour with bulletins and message handling.

Since the situation is fluid, please expect changes with operations for SET 2005.

Stations are encouraged to create and pass test messages in the ARRL Radiogram message format. Test messages should start and end with the words "This is a test message" and the signature section should contain the name and title of the originator of the message.

KGMB9 News Report

Sept 2005

The KARC has a copy of a KGMB9 news report, featuring the role of amateur radio during emergencies. Click here to see it.

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