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Getting on the air at Diamond Head

HF Communications

One of the great joys of ham radio is to use the "shortwave" bands, otherwise known as High Frequency or HF for short, to talk person-to-person with another ham anywhere around the world.

These pages gives you some insight into how to get started in the world of HF, and what kind of magic is in store for you.

HF Mobile

July 5, 2007

If you live in an antenna restricted neighborhood, you can always try your hand at HF mobile and see whom you might reach.

End-fed antenna matchbox project

November 15, 2008

Chuck, NH6XL has come up with a matchbox project which matches an end-fed antenna to 50 ohm coax. See End-fed matchbox Word document Part 1 and End-fed matchbox Word document Part 2 for details on the project.

Using 20 Meter Meteor Scatter to Enhance Contesting

September 27, 2008

During the 2008 Hawaii QSO Party, Martin Barr KH6MB and I believe we encountered 20 meter meteor scatter which improved our contesting contacts early in the morning.

Links to sites about HF Propagation and Solar/Space Weather

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