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By Doron Tal, 4X4XM

There are various methods to predict HF propagation conditions. For example:

  1. Simulation:
    Online applications employing propagation models can predict propagation conditions, signal quality along specified paths, and offer additional valuable information.
    Software packages predict HF propagation conditions using propagation models, and real-time regional inonospheric conditions.
    See reviews of such packages.
  2. Space weather services provide real-time information on Solar-Space-Terrestrial data, which influence HF propagation conditions. Operators can make informed predictions about global and regional propagation conditions by monitoring these services.
  3. DX Clusters: Data collected from QSO reports is used to display real-time band activity in various parts of the world at certain HF band.

Overall, online HF propagation evalutaions can be made using a combination of the above methods to get the most accurate and up-to-date information.

If you need a short term prediction it is recommended to use MUF 3000 Km Propagation Map.

Read more about HF Propagation Predictions Online. See also an index for HF Radio Propagarion.

The project, Understanding HF Propagation, provides radio amateurs with a detailed overview and tutorials on several aspects of HF propagation.

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