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By Doron Tal, 4X4XM

A list of Applications that can forecast HF radio propagation:

  1. VOACAP (Voice of America Coverage Analysis Program): This is a widely used program that predicts HF radio propagation for both point-to-point and area coverage. VOACAP uses historical solar and ionospheric data to predict the radio propagation over a specific path.
  2. ITU-R-HF-Prop: This is an ITU-R recommendation that describes a method for predicting the performance of high-frequency radio systems in a variety of propagation conditions. The ITURHFProp software, written by G4FKH and HZ1JB, is based on the ITU-R P.533 method and uses a probabilistic approach to estimate radio coverage.
  3. SWPC - NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center provides a variety of space weather services, including forecasts of HF radio propagation. The SWPC uses data from various sources, including ground-based and space-based observations, to predict the ionospheric conditions and their impact on HF radio communications.
  4. SWS - Space Weather Services of the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology provides real-time and near-real-time information on the state of the ionosphere and predictions of ionospheric conditions. This service measures and monitors ionospheric parameters like electron density, electron temperature, and ionospheric irregularities using a combination of ground-based and satellite-based sensors. All of these can be used to predict HF radio propagation.

Each of these applications has advantages and disadvantages, and the tool selected will be based on the user's specific needs and requirements. None of these applications can provide perfect predictions because radio propagation is affected by a number of variables that are difficult to predict completely.

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