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Real-time DX Reports

By Doron Tal, 4X4XM

Real-Time Map of World Wide Ham Activity
The actual band activity may hint your chance to hunt a good DX


DX propagation prediction is the process of forecasting the behavior of radio waves for long-distance communication between two points. It is especially important for amateur radio operators who engage in DXing, which is the practice of trying to establish contact with stations in distant locations. Factors such as solar activity, ionospheric conditions, and weather patterns can affect DX propagation. Several tools and techniques are used for DX propagation prediction, including online prediction tools, propagation software, and real-time monitoring of conditions.

Accurate DX propagation prediction can help operators optimize their equipment and antenna systems for successful long-distance communication.

The Understanding HF Propagation Project provides radio amateurs with a detailed overview and tutorials on several aspects of HF propagation.

See also an index for HF Radio Propagarion.

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