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It shall be our purpose to further amateur radio by serving the public; to promote technical knowledge, fraternalism, and individual operating proficiency; and to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in the community.


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The MARC 2002 Roster

Last Revised 04/11/2002

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E-Mail Address

AB8FB Robert Bruce Putnam
K1FFA Dennis H. Finley [email protected]
K8CP Leslie Peine [email protected]
K8DON Donald W. Lebo
K8EJN Paul D. Keller
K8HSQ Ralph E. Bugg [email protected] 
K8KIP Robert W "KIP" Kiplinger [email protected]
K8LBZ John T. Edel [email protected]
K8LP Lester Peine
K8MOO Linda Finley [email protected]
K8RLW Richard L Weaver [email protected]
K8RWR John R. Pearl [email protected]
K8XAF Richard Anderson [email protected]
KA8MMN Julian R. Laboucane
KA8ZQH Richard S. Ross [email protected]
KB8AKD Don Rankl
KB8FFC Samuel P. Calhoun
KB8SBZ Ernest W. Brown
KB8STV Charles Scherger [email protected]
KB8YKE Michael Tomechko
KC8HRU Jeffery A Crawford
KC8IHR Gary A. Blagg [email protected]
KC8IIU Heather A. Finley [email protected]
KC8ILZ Lori Finley
KC8KIX Jeffery S. McKinney [email protected]
KC8LIN Jason A. Stroll [email protected]
KC8LYG Richard S. Garner
KC8NLM Camden E. Guthrie Sr. [email protected]
KC8NSE Mathew Finley [email protected]
KC8PWN William Crawford
KC8RKU Larry Fierstos [email protected]
KC8RPB Leonard Geiger
KC8RPE Donald Guisinger [email protected]
KD8JN Randall L. Phelps [email protected]
KD8NR Anthony Baltuz [email protected]
KE8LF Larry McGrath
KF8UN Byron E. Berger [email protected]
N8ATZ Terry E. Russ [email protected]
N8DZM Dan P. Anastis Jr. [email protected]
N8FEB Jack D. Cale [email protected]
N8GAF Ann Ballinger [email protected]
N8GPC Dennis R. Spencer [email protected]
N8GXO Janet Phelps
N8KXO Robert Ballinger
N8LCS Jack T. Wade [email protected]
N8PII Russell G. McMahen
N8TZB Saundra L. Becker [email protected]
N8UDL Dennis L. Hamilton [email protected]
N8XEO Shelby J. Foss [email protected]
N8ZQF Gladys Kiplinger
W8AU Perry Ballinger [email protected]
W8DEA Donald J. Wade [email protected]
W8DEF Donald E. Finley [email protected]
W8HOU William O. Burrier [email protected]
W8JT Scott A. Mathews [email protected]
W8FNM Myron R. Koyle [email protected]
W8KXR Gene G. Beckwith [email protected]
W8PUC Edward J. Zupan
W8SEC Steven E. Childs [email protected] 
W8SSB Gary Lewis [email protected]
W8ZNV Bruce Cummons
WA8DRT Edwin L. Clinger [email protected]
WA8GXM James W. Farriss [email protected]
WA8HHO James L. France
WA8NZE Stanley L. Smith
WA8YGR Samuel L. Marang [email protected]
WB8HHP Timothy J. France [email protected]
WB8KEO Igor N. Nikishin [email protected]
WB8OWM Skip Westrich
WB0IQK Mark Gilger [email protected]
WC8W Gary Kline [email protected]
WD8AYE David A. Beltz [email protected]
WD8BGW Joseph A. Herrick [email protected]
WD8CIB Arlan L. Smith
WD8IKC Doris B. Smith
WD8KPO Derald H. Kraft
WD8MIF Tom Gessling [email protected]
WD8MIJ Steve A. Nevel [email protected]
WD8PTW Peter E. Wilder
WD8ROR Donald G. Pernell [email protected]


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