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In the Spring of 2011 a band of PAWA members set forth to repair the club's triband yagi (20, 15 and 10 meters). It was disassembled, and all parts of the antenna were inspected, cleaned and sealed. All the traps were inspected and cleaned. Plastic caps were totally replaced on the antenna and the antenna was marked with color coded tape for easier assembly. The antenna was assembled and checked. The RF choke was found to be shorted (resulting in a high SWR). A new choke was wound and installed.

Participating were Jack, KC1UX, Bartley, KD1KG, John, W1JLB, Bryce, K1GAX, Peter, N1AKP and Mike, N1GRO
Photos by John Bogner, W1JLB
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Antenna Repair Project
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