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 The Radio Room Project
During the late winter, early spring and summer there has been an effort to restore and refit the PAWA club station on the third floor of the Stewart Morrill American Legion Post # 35 in South Portland.
Unneeded equipment and supplies were disposed of.  Trash was thrown away.  Saved supplies were repacked.  Holes in the walls were filled and wall cracks were patched.  A door was added to the storage closet.  After that everything had a fresh coat of paint (even parts of the floor - right Steve; Oops!).  Furniture was rearranged and things were cleaned up.
A new multi outlet power strip was installed on the operations bench.  Donated equipment (courtesy of George, NX1C and Jack, KC1UX) were unpacked and put in the operations area.  A "new to us" Kenwood TS-940, speaker,and desk mike came from George and an antenna tuner, a two meter rig and two meter antenna came from Jack.
As of July, about everything is done on the inside.  All that remains to be done is the installation of the antenna (a twin lead feed dipole which with antenna tuner will cover 80 through 10 meters).
Not much more needs to be done!
This was not a one person project.  Many thanks to the following PAWA members for their help in making it possible:
George, NX1C, Bryce, K1GAX, Mike, N1GRO, Paul, W1IMD, John, W1JLB, Bartley, KD1KG, Ross, KB1OND, Alan, AB1QI, Steve, KB1TUR, Jack, KC1UX and Scott, KB1VYV.
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Photos by Bryce Rumery, K1GAX