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The PAWA operates and maintains two repeaters in the Greater Portland area, a 2 meter repeater on 146.73 (- 600 kHz) with a 100.0 Hz CTCSS tone for access located in Falmouth (Blackstrap Hill) and a 70 centimeter repeater on 444.10 (+ 5 MHz) with an 82.5 Hz CTCSS tone for access located in Scarborough. Both repeaters cover most all of the Greater Portland area. The repeaters are open to all licensed Amateurs (Technician class and above).

Although the PAWA sponsored repeaters are open, we suggest regular users of the repeaters that are not PAWA members support the repeater they use by becoming club members (Full or Associate) per the PAWA Repeater Acceptable Use Policy (Paragraph 10).

"The PAWA repeaters are supported by its' members.
Although they are "open repeaters", members have priority over non members. Non members should be invited to join the club to help sponsor and support the repeater. Non members should treat the repeater as if they are a guest in someone's home. Regular users of the PAWA repeaters are encouraged to support the repeaters by becoming a member of the PAWA as either a full or an associate member or making a donation to the PAWA for repeater support. A donation of $ 12.00 per year is suggested."

Repeater Trustee: Ross, KB1OND

Chief Control Operator: Bryce, K1GAX

Control Operators:

John, W1JLB


Steve, KB1YBT
Download the PAWA Repeater Acceptable Use Policy
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