One of the best ways for new hams to get used to the hobby and learn is to join a local amateur radio club.  Of course, we suggest joining the PAWA!  Click on  "Join the PAWA" for information.
Help For New Hams
The Elmers Bureau
The PAWA has established the Elmers Bureau to help new hams get established in amateur radio.
What is an Elmer? An Elmer is an established ham that acts as a mentor for new hams. They not only answer questions but also help a new ham in setting up a station and get started operating. Elmers can be a great help to new hams in getting started and also helping them along the way in finding their niche in amateur radio.
Below is a list of PAWA members and other hams that have volunteered to be elmers (mentors). All will help with general questions and some have special interests in Amateur Radio. Feel free to use their services!
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George Leahy, NX1C
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Specialties - CW and CW operating
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Specialties - Emergency Communications, amateur satellite, meteor scatter, VHF/UHF communication modes, antennas, mentoring prospective and new hams
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Bartley Cardon, KD1KG
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