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The PAWA has a number of activities for it's members.
Contesting and Operating
Using the newly restored club station (located at the Legion Hall in South Portland), members can use the club facilities to get operating time on HF.
Field Day
Members can get the experience of operating an HF radio station under less than ideal conditions.  Our Field Day effort takes place at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth.  Field Day is an activity that looks toward contacting as many stations as possible in a 24 hour period.  Field Day occurs annually on the last full weekend in June.
On the third Saturday in April, the PAWA puts on a hamfest at the Legion Hall in South Portland.
License Testing
The PAWA sponsors ARRL VEC licensing exams for all classes of licenses four times a year in January, April, July and October at the Legion Hall in South Portland.
Meeting Programs
Programs to educate members about amateur radio at the regular meetings (September through June).
Programs include Emergency Communications, Operating Procedures, Skywarn Weather Spotter Training (presented by the National Weather Service), Building Projects and Technical Topics.
Public Service Events
The PAWA participates in public service events to provide communications for charities such as the MS Walk in Scarborough (in late April) and the March of Dimes March for Babies (in early May).  Participating in public service events benefits the charities, puts amateur radio in a positive light with the public as well as allowig amateurs to hone their emergency communications skills.
Special Event Stations
The PAWA puts on special event stations to comemorate significant events held in the greater Portland area allowing stations worldwide to receive a QSL card or certificate from an amateur radio station operating at the event.
Club Projects
The PAWA provides club projects to instruct club members in building various projects such  as antennas, attaching connectors and kit building.  We also have projects to repair or restore club equipment that involve club members helping to instruct members on how equipment works and how it is assembled.
Classified Ads
 PAWA Centennial Special Events Station & BBQ
Date:  Saturday, September 6, 2014
Time:  0900 - 1900 Local
Location:  Turkey Hill Farm, Cape Elizabeth
Schedule:  0900 - 1100  Station and antenna set up
                     1100 - 1500  Special Events Station operation
                     1500 - 1700  Station and antenna tear down
                     1700 - 1800  Annual PAWA "Welcome Back" BBQ
                     1800 - 1900  September PAWA meeting
Suggested frequencies:  14.250 MHz
                                                21.350 MHz
                                                28.400 MHz
                                                (plus or minus 20 kHz)
                                               146.73 (-) (100.0 Hz CTCSS)
We need a set up crew from 0900 to 1100, operators for the station from 1100 to 1500, hungry members for the BBQ at 1700  and members for the meeting.
The BBQ is free for PAWA members and $ 10.00 for non PAWA members.
All BBQ attendees are asked to bring a side dish to share.
If you are planning to attend, notify Bryce, K1GAX by email to k1gax@juno.com