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Net Control Scripts

MARES (Repeater) Net Control Script PDF Version Last Updated 04/28/2017
MARES (Simplex) Net Control Script PDF Version Last Updated 04/28/2017
MARES Roll Call List ONLY PDF Version Last Updated 11/14/2017
SVECS Net Control Script PDF Version Last Updated 4/24/2017

Qualification requirements to conduct the SVECS County Net

Net Control operators should have the most current script and roll call list.

The roll call list may change more frequently than the net script.

Local Nets

Time and Day


Milpitas ARES/RACES Net
7:15 PM every Tuesday

W6MLP/R - 224.72 -offset 100Hz PL or
W6MLP/R - 145.43 -offset 85.4Hz PL

The last Tuesday of every month is a Simplex Net
Simplex - 147.525 MHz


Silicon Valley Emergency Communications System (SVECS)
8:00 PM every Tuesday (Central and Sothern Santa Clara County ARES/RACES)

This net is to collect city totals. If you miss the City Net you can do a late check-in on this net after the city total is reported.

AA6BT/R - 146.115 MHz +offset 100Hz PL or
N6NAC/R - 444.625 MHz +offset 110.9Hz PL (works best in Eastern part of Milpitas)


Southern Peninsula Emergency Communications System (SPECS)
8:00 PM every Monday (Northwestern Santa Clara County)

W6ASH/R - 145.270 MHz -offset 100Hz PL or
W6ASH/R - 224.140 MHz -offset 85.4Hz PL
W6ASH/R - 440.800 MHz -offset 100.0Hz PL

 Packet Net 

Packet Net
Check-in prior to 7:50 PM on Tuesday evenings

W1XSC-1 BBS - 145.750 or 223.620 - County Office Bldg (San Jose)
W2XSC-1 BBS - 145.730 or 223.560 - Crystal Peak (South County)
W3XSC-1 BBS - 144.310 or 223.540 - Mountain View
W4XSC-1 BBS - 145.690 or 223.600 - Frazier Peak (above Milpitas)

 HF Net 

HF Net
8:30 PM on Tuesday evenings 

Frequency is announced during the 8:00 PM SVECS Net but is typically on 3.878 MHz LSB. Tune around if there is interference.

Additional Nets within Santa Clara County

Last Updated:  November 14, 2017