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Qualifications For
SVECS Net Control

To be assigned to act as the SVECS Net Control operator when Milpitas is scheduled to run the SVECS Net you will need to meet these basic requirements.

  • Have listened to the entire SVECS Net at least twice in the past two months

  • Have reported our city count to SVECS at least twice

  • Have acted as MARES Net Control at least 4 times

  • Understands the need to pause before talking on linked repeaters

  • Acknowledges call signs and asks for additional check-ins

  • Have approval of EC and Net Manager

Everyone is eligible and encouraged to become qualified.

Once these requirements are met you will be assigned on a rotating basis with the other qualified operators to conduct the SVECS Net.

Link to SVECS Net Control Schedule by city

Last Updated:  January 7, 2017